True cigar aficionados often overlook the best mild cigars on the market. Some of the “true cigar fans” will tell beginners that mild brands are only the stepping stones and that there are many more and better options to explore. 

And for some beginners, this might even be true. However, there are a lot of casual smokers who understand and respect the ritual of cigar smoking enough to ask the experts about the best light cigars the occasional smoker can enjoy.

As a matter of fact, some veterans out there will light up a smooth cigar every now and then and enjoy it by the grill while sipping on a tasty cocktail. There’s just something inviting when it comes to these mild yet still, full-tasting options that are great choices both for hardcore fans and casual smokers alike.

That being said, let your favorite cigar shop in Fort Lauderdale highlight the best smooth cigars on the radar.

Best Mild Cigars for Occasional Smokers

As said before, smooth cigars often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Truth be told, a lot of these brands offer rather flavorful, complex, and full-bodied mild cigars that rival some of the stronger options.

Often, experts recommend these cigars to be enjoyed together with beverages or food. Still, other aficionados encourage occasional smokers to experience them on their own to get a better idea of their flavor and tones.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks:

Cohiba Connecticut Gigante

Whiskey With Ice and Cigar. Top View With Copy Space

These six-inch and 60 ring-gauge Cohiba cigars can be great options for those who like to enjoy cigars every now and then. Even though these are the thickest boys on the list, they enable a lush draw that still has a full taste, despite the mild nature. 

Also, these Cohiba Cigars are the first to be wrapped in Ecuador Connecticut cover leaves.

CAO Gold Torpedo

The Gold Torpedo was introduced back in 1996 and marked the first Nicaraguan cigar for the brand. This 52 ring gauge cigar measures six and a half inches and offers aficionados and casual smokers alike a smooth woody smoke with a distinct touch of raisins, orange peel, and almonds. If you are looking for smooth cigars with exciting taste notes, the Gold Torpedo should be high on your list.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Toro

These Rocky Patel cigars also measure six and a half inches with a 52 ring gauge. The Vintage line from Rocky Patel isn’t box-pressed in order to preserve the Connecticut wrapper. These light cigars are ideal for those casual smokers who like the touch of a herbal cigar that gets more complex and stronger as it burns. Featuring a complex and distinct tasting note, this cigar will satisfy both the needs of a true aficionado and a casual alike.

Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut Torpedo Mk52 

This even-draw, blonde cigar has excellent combustion and offers a reach taste with cinnamon, vanilla, and cedar notes. Made in the Dominican Republic, these smooth cigars also come with a Connecticut shade wrapper, Ecuador binders, and a variety of broadleaf filters from either the Dominican Republic, Pennsylvania, or Brazil. When looking for the best mild cigars on the market, this brand should also be high on your list.

VegaFina Churchill

These smooth cigars were previously only exclusive to Europe. They were marketed as economy-friendly cigar options and in 2007, they finally made it to the US. This cigar is a real bargain for those who want to enjoy an excellent light cigar with full flavor. 

Camacho Connecticut Churchill

Coming with Dominican tobacco and an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, this cigar is also great for those who want the sophisticated taste of the best mild cigars with a more agreeable price tag. Coming in a respectable seven inches by a 48 ring gauge, this cigar offers a great mild taste at a great price.

Padrón Dámaso No. 12

This company has a long history that started way back in 1964. They are one of the go-to options for enthusiasts looking for stronger cigars. However, a few years ago. In 2015, they launched the Dámaso cigar line, which features a mild taste for those who want to enjoy the great quality with a gentler overall taste. Coming in Ecuador Connecticut wrappers, these robust cigars are great both for aficionados and occasional smokers alike.

New World Connecticut Belicoso

This Nicaraguan option has excellent combustion and is constructed quite well. Also, the new New World Connecticut is the follow-up to the first line of New World cigars, marking the second project from A.J. and Ismael Fernandez. 

Archetype Dreamstate Churchill 

If you are looking for the best smooth cigars that offer more than just a gentle experience, the Dreamstate is something you’ll definitely want to try out. These cigars are inspired by the work of world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung and mythographer Joseph Cambell’s “Hero’s Journey.”

This exciting brand offers herbal and earthy smoke with subtle hints of honey and tea.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Churchill

These smooth cigars are also made with Ecuador wrappers, Nicaraguan fillers, and binders. There’s no ligero in it (the strongest tobacco type), which means it’s definitely on the milder side, offering a nutty and floral smoke, with more distinct touches of citrus, and a dry finish.

Por Larrañaga Toro 

Those cigar veterans who remember the Dominican Torro from the nineties will probably love these quality light cigars’ mild yet full taste. Originally, this Dominican brand started in Cuba back in 1834. The Dominican version of their cigar lines was really popular during the end of the last century, but their distribution was discontinued until 2016.

Highclere Castle Edwardian Petite Corona 

Tattooed Bearded Man in Sunglasses Smoking a Cigar.

Even though this is the smallest cigar on the list, only measuring five inches, it still packs quite a punch, making it ideal for those who want a smooth smoke, with an earthy and cedary hint, enhanced with tones of sweet toffee, vanilla, coffee, and almond.

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona

Here’s a great mild option: the modified version of Montecristo White’s blend only featuring a Connecticut shade wrapper and Peruvian filler. With six and a quarter inches, this 50 ring gauge mild beauty has a distinct bready smoke flavor with a dash of wood and subtle citrus notes.

Every Cigar is a Unique Experience

At the end of the day, every cigar should be looked at as a unique experience with an individual taste journey. That being said, mild cigars shouldn’t be dismissed. Instead, they should be treated as a thing of their own.

While experts will often offer these mild options with beverages and food, the truth is, it’s up to the enthusiast to choose the perfect smoke for the occasion. Sure, starting out and gaining experience with a mild flavor can help you learn to appreciate the bolder variants more, but nobody says that smoother cigars should only be reserved for occasional smokers or the less experienced.

If you need help with finding the best cigar to elevate your smoking experience, feel free to reach out to us so we can help you find the perfect match for you.