It might seem like one should not make too big of a deal when it comes to buying a herb grinder, as they are pretty simple devices used only to grind your herbs, but a quality grinder does go a long way and it is important to know that not all grinders are made equal. Knowing which grinder to get for your particular needs may significantly enhance your smoking experience.  

Here are 5 best grinder brands according to Smokey News:

Compton Grinder

For all of you looking for that cool urban feel of gangsta rap and the life on the streets, Compton Grinders is the perfect choice for your taste. The brand makes premium grinders of all shapes, colors, and sizes, from simple 2-piece herb grinders to standard 3-chamber grinders consisting of 4 pieces.

The material is anodized aluminum, so no scratches and no chipping, while their metal screens are made of steel mesh, which means all Compton grinders filter only the best stuff into the kief chamber.

They stay sharp for the longest time, they are portable, feature a Neodymium magnet, all this to make sure you have a fine grind each and every time.

Phoenician Grinder

Phoenician Grinders is certainly among the best grinder brands out there as they offer a wide variety of unique grinder features that make them stand out from the crowd.

The company uses only top-quality American-sourced materials, while they also have seriously strict quality control for their grinders. Namely, all their products are put through a de-burring process used to remove any residue in form of sharp flakes. This way you are certain your grinder is as clean as it gets (not that many brands do this, just so you know).


  • Extremely Efficient
  • easy to use and open due to its sleek design and a special knurl-style grip
  • a fast-lock system
  • caters to medical patients

Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz is another top-notch brand that you can’t go wrong with. Their unique design prevents any cross-threading, while their process of anodized coating makes sure their grinders are extremely durable and impervious to scratches.

Like Phoenician, Santa Cruz also features deep knurled-style grip pattern which makes sure medical patients who may have weak wrists are able to use their products with ease.


  • Easy to use
  • Cool, sleek design
  • Extremely durable

Aerospaced Grinders

Aerospaced Grinders is considered one of the best grinder brands currently available on the market, and for a reason.

They offer herb grinders in 3 different sizes, and although all their products get the job done, we recommend the Groove Grinder, the MVP among everyday grinders. This device does an amazing job when it comes to segregating powder from your blend, which means you will always get well ground blends for a perfect vaping experience.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Among the most durable grinders out there
  • Made from quality materials
  • Not too expensive


We saved the best for last… SharpStone is perhaps the most obvious choice for people looking for a best-buy type of deal. Their herb grinders are of extremely high quality, and yet not very expensive, so we guarantee you won’t be making a mistake with any of the SharpStone products.

With their cool design and durable materials, SharpStone herb grinders are able to grind even the most stubborn of herbs into a fine consistency, while their clear-top grinders and crank-grinders definitely managed to bring big innovations into the industry.

The clear-top grinder allows you to see into the grinder and see when the herbs have reached desired consistency and have been ground just the way you like it


  • Very efficient
  • Suitable for medical marihuana and arthritis patients
  • Extremely durable
  • Their grinders feature a Heavy Duty Hand Crank Mechanism for extra easy grinding