Anybody can enjoy vaporizing, but not everyone can truly master it. People have been smoking dry herbs for centuries, yet the majority still don’t know how to do it right and experience the full potential of this fun and rather pleasurable activity.

In this day and age, with the rapid advancement of vaping technology, the vaporizer has practically become a household item, especially now when they are portable and quite affordable. This is why we at Smokey News decided to provide you with 5 basic, but extremely useful tips on how to use a dry herb vaporizer and make the most of this cool and increasingly popular activity.

5 Killer Tips On How To Use Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • Use Fresh Herbs Only


Of course, by fresh we mean well-cured and high-quality bud, not freshly harvested. If the bud is too old, too dried out and stale, that probably means you need to go shopping. Although it may sound like a rookie mistake, far too many people forget that their vaping experience hugely depends on the quality of the herb they’re using.

The secret lies in moisture.

During the vaporizing process, the key compounds in your substance need to reach their boiling point and thus create vapor. Therefore using a fresh herb is always better since it usually has moisture concentrations that still reach pretty high levels (no pun intended).

Also, make sure that your herbs aren’t too wet or too dry. If you are able to crush it into powder using only your fingers, that usually means your herb is too dry.


  • Grind It Right


Grinding your herb properly can really make the difference. Grinding increases your herb’s surface area, which in turn makes sure the heat reaches deep into the plant matter, thus producing vapor that is both tasty and rather thick.

Use your manual or electric grinder to achieve even, medium grind. Also, try not to grind more than you need, as it will dry out faster. A single chamber amount should be your perfect dose.


  • Get The Temperature Just Right


Temperature is among the crucial aspects of pro vaping. Getting your vape temperature just right should not be too big of a deal, no matter what you are vaping, yet most vapers tend to disregard the importance of it.

Although it is recommended that you burn your herbs somewhere between 356-410°F (180-210°C), we at Smokey News like to think this should be on you to decide. Experiment as much as you like and find your own “perfect” temperature setting.


  • The Art Of Packing


Another basic but pro tip on how to use dry herb vaporizer is: pack tight but not too tight. Your overall vaporizing experience is hugely affected by how tight you pack your vape chamber, regardless of whether you’re are smoking from a pipe, bong or whatever…

Finding that sweet spot with chamber packing can be difficult, but anyone can master it.

The trick is to pack just enough herb so you can achieve nice and thick vapor, without going into overkill mode. Over-packing, on the other hand, can hinder the flow of your vapor, and can also in some cases damage the inside of your vaporizer.


  • Take Care Of Your Vaporizer


Making sure your device is appropriately maintained is a must. Only then will it be able to do what it does best and function properly. In case you haven’t by now, do read through the manual and pay close attention to the care instructions outlined in it. They are there for a reason. Cleaning it and replacing crucial parts whenever necessary is a must for any pro vaper.

So, there you have it, our 5 basic rules on how to use dry herb vaporizer. Should you need any type of professional vaping equipment, do visit us at!