Since vaping is a fairly new and unexplored trend, the opinions on this type of “smoking” are still quite mixed. Some articles claim it is 100% safe, others say it is a dangerous trend, while the truth is somewhere in the middle, but much closer to the first of the two claims.

This is why the Smokey News team decided to come up with this pros and cons of vaping list, giving you 5 pros of vaping, but also 5 cons to this popular new trend. If you are still on the fence on whether you should give up smoking and switch to vaping, we strongly recommend to read on!

Five Pros of Vaping

  1. Vaping Is up to 95% Safer Than Smoking Regular Cigarettes

    According to fairly extensive research conducted by the Royal College of Physicians, vaping is over 95% safer than regular smoking, due to the fact that, during the act of vaping, there is no ash or tar ingestion, and there’s no combustion taking place.

  2. Vaping Is Odor-free

    Unlike it is the case with smoking traditional tobacco, you (or your clothes) won’t be reeking of tobacco smoke even after long vaping sessions as there’s no tobacco being burned during the process. You may, however, smell of whatever vaping aroma you’ve chosen as your vape liquid, which can be quite pleasant and actually nice.

  3. It Is Less Addictive

    Since you can opt for e-liquids with zero nicotine, and since you can choose the dosage of the nicotine if you’ve decided to opt for the vaping liquid WITH traces of nicotine, you indeed have full control over how much, if any, of this addictive substance you are inhaling. This is why vaping is generally much less addictive than regular smoking.

  4. Endless Flavors and Blends

    With vaping, there is a flavor for every palate; with cigarettes, not so much. When it comes to different blends and aromas, vaping provides you with virtually endless options to choose from. New blends are being created all the time, while you can also let your own creativity run wild and come up with your own, unique flavors.

  5. Affordable to Anyone

    Though vaping may seem like a rather expensive trend at the moment, and at first glance, when you take a look at the big picture, it can be less expensive in the long run compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. Plus, there is a plethora of vaping kits, products, and equipment, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of the budget.

Five Cons of Vaping

    1. It Still Frowned Upon and Treated Like Smoking

      Vaping will always be in the same category as regular smoking, there’s no way around it, which is why many people still treat it like the latter.

    2. Insufficient Data on Potential Health Risks

      Though most of the research attempts made so far showed little to no negative results related to vaping, since this is a relatively new alternative to traditional smoking, there aren’t any long-term studies yet.

    3. Learning About Vaping Technology Can Be Overwhelming

      In order to be a proper vaper, we at Smokey News think you ought to learn as much as possible about vaping equipment and e-liquids, especially if you want to be able to get the most out of your device and have a genuine vaping experience.

      However, as the market is becoming over-saturated with new products, it can be rather hard to keep up with each and every product that crops up.

    4. It Can Turn Into Quite an Expensive Hobby

      As we already mentioned above, proper vaping typically involves frequent upgrades and repeat purchases, which means you may end up spending decent amounts of money on a monthly basis, while your e-juice needs regular replenishing as well. Luckily, there are products for everyone’s budget.

    5. Unfair FDA Regulations and Rules

      Perhaps one of the biggest cons of vaping is that the FDA still has the regulatory authority over vaping as vaping is still perceived as a product similar to cigarettes and tobacco. This also goes for vaping juices that don’t contain nicotine. We sure hope this will change soon.

So, that was our list of vaping pros and cons. Do you agree with it? For some great and affordable vaping products, visit Smokey News!