AMG stands for American Made Glass, and there’s no doubt about that when you pick up one of their pieces. Located in the San Fernando Valley in California, they have been manufacturing high quality, affordable glass for since 2001. They do all of their glass work in house from the actual making of the pipes to sandblasting and applying decals. With many years of experience under their belt, their team is continuously improving their work and trying out new ideas and designs.

The most mind blowing thing I’ve seen all year is AMG’s Spaceship Water Pipe and their Rasta Triple Perc Water Pipe . These scientific glass water pipes will give some of the smoothest rips a water pipe can offer with three diffusion chambers, two of them with shower head percs. But the biggest wow factor about them is definitely the price!

For those looking for that solid, reliable, daily driver of a water pipe check out the 10″ Beaker Water Pipes. You can still enjoy smooth, air tight pulls with the glass on glass connection and diffused sleeve without breaking the bank. These AMG beakers are one of the best bang for your bucks around.

One of the most unique things I have seen are their “critter” steamroller hand pipes and hand blown glass jars. But don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, those steamrollers pack a punch! Smokin Js and AMG understands your need for high quality, hand blown glass pipes at affordable prices. Each piece is hand blown, so colors and art work will vary on each piece. Please contact for pictures of current stock.