Whether you enjoy smoking a quality cigar after a long day or a flavorful hookah with friends on the weekend, every smoking hobbyist should have a few accessories to enhance the experience or just to add their own personality. Here is a list of some of the essential smoking accessories you should have.

Essential Smoking Accessories

  • Lighter/Torches – many will invest in a quality lighter or torch (depends on their preference) and it’s a good way to add personality into your hobby- Colibri, Vector, Bic and Zippo are some of the top brands.
  • Grinder – Achieving perfect consistency of your tobacco can be super simple by having a good grinder- Santa Cruz Shredder, Aerospaced Grinders, SharpStone, Compton Grinders and Phoenician are just a few quality companies.
  • Detox Products- Detoxify, Magnum Detox, High Voltage Detox and Herbal Clean.
  • Cigar Cutters
  • Stash Boxes
  • Deodorizers

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