There are some big differences between vaping and smoking and Smokey News wants all of our clients to be well informed. People ask us, is vaping better than smoking? So we want them to be sure they are seeing the benefits of vaping vs smoking clearly. As far as local vape shops go, we want to be your number one choice.

smoking vs vaping infographic
First, it makes sense to compare the two methods of recreation according to how harmful each is to your health. As we all know, cigarettes have cancer causing nicotine in them. While electronic cigarettes can have the same ingredient in the liquids they use,they also have flavors that have no nicotine in them.

If you’re wondering about trying vaping instead of smoking, you should also know that vaping has another clear advantage. Cigarette smoke leaves a lingering odor on your clothes while vaping doesn’t leave a smell of any kind.

The benefits of vaping vs smoking also come out on the side of the electronic cigarette when you consider convenience.  Smoking tobacco has been banned in most public areas like restaurants and malls while there are really no restrictions on where you vape.  Smokey News can help you make the right decision because a well-informed client is our best customer.