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Best Cigars For Beginners: What You Should Know About Cigars

While cigar smoking isn't as prevalent as it was in the mid-'90s, there are still a lot of us aficionados remaining who enjoy a good stogie every now and then. If you are new to this hobby and looking for good cigars to buy as a beginner, you will be happy to know that myriad [...]

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Vape Myths: Separating Myths from Facts

Let's say you've decided to put your smoking habit on hold or just want to cut down on your tobacco intake. You don't want to mess around with nicotine patches and hear about other alternatives like e-cigarettes. What is an e-cigarette exactly? Simply put, these are electronic cigarettes that simulate tobacco smoking. Also called vapes, [...]

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10 Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners

If you just started vaping, you might be interested in learning some cool smoke tricks with your vape. If that's the case, we're happy to say that you're in the right place! Vaping managed to gain a massive following in the last few years. Apart from the benefits people usually associate with vaping, we can [...]

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The History of Hookah: Tradition That Lasts 5 Centuries

Ask any aficionado about the hookah pipe, and they will tell you that it's much more than a simple smoking device. The hookah (or nargileh, kalian, shisha) is an apparatus that helps promote connectedness. A device that centers around conversations and connects different cultures and traditions around the globe.  Hookah pipes have been present in [...]

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17 Interesting Facts About Cigars And Smoking Cigars

We all enjoy a good cigar here. Whether you're a social smoker or somebody who likes to savor them alone, these tobacco leaves bring joy to cigar smokers around the globe. Still, a lot of us aficionados actually don't know many facts about cigars and only gathered little info about the history of this old [...]

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Disposable Vape – What You Need to Know Before Buying It?

If you are an avid smoking enthusiast, you've probably heard about no-nicotine disposable vapes and might have even given them a try.  The fact of the matter is that these disposable e-cigs are still gaining popularity, and if you haven't given them a try, now is the time to learn a bit about them before [...]

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What Is a Hookah? How to Set It up and Smoke It

What is a hookah? How does one work? How to set it up, and most importantly, how to smoke it? These are all crucial questions for those people who are intrigued by hookahs and want to get acquainted with hookah culture as soon as possible. Also, those smoke aficionados might just want to learn more [...]

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Buying Your First Hookah: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the best hookah to buy, you should consider a few things first, especially if you are only starting out. There are several factors you should check out. First, you need to know where your specific hookah originates from, the different hookah sizes, materials, hose options, and more.  In this guide, [...]

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14 Best Mild Cigars For Casual Smokers

True cigar aficionados often overlook the best mild cigars on the market. Some of the “true cigar fans” will tell beginners that mild brands are only the stepping stones and that there are many more and better options to explore.  And for some beginners, this might even be true. However, there are a lot of [...]

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How High? Comparing Hookah, Vape & Cigar Buzz

Nicotine buzz is something have probably experienced while smoking cigars and cigarettes. The buzz is probably isn’t something new to the seasoned smoker. However, sometimes even they might wonder how the different “smoking methods” compare to each other in terms of this well-known buzz. Is hookah buzz a thing? Is vape buzz more prominent than [...]

By |2022-02-28T09:13:05-05:00February 17th, 2022|Cigars, Hookah, Vaping|0 Comments
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