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A Guide to Cigar Cases and Tubes: Metal, Leather, Wood or Carbon?

Cases and tubes obviously serve to transport a few cigars safely in your luggage or in clothing. They are made of leather, wood, metal, carbon, plastic or a combination of these materials and were designed to transport a small number of cigars. When choosing the right case for your purpose, the following criteria should be [...]

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The Most Common Humidor Problems and How to Solve Them

Disappointment when cigars are stored in a humidor is often caused by nonsensical construction of the used product and inadequate use. Here are the most common problems encountered when storing cigars in a humidor and suggestions on how to fix them. Cigars Become Damp Probable causes and their solutions: 1 – Cigars are being stored [...]

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Vape Tricks 101 – A Guide on Popular Vapor Tricks

We'll show you how to perform some of the most popular vape tricks It’s not just about meticulously coiling wire and complex equations involving ohms and voltage – vaping can be simple fun too. Basic smoke tricks such as blowing smoke rings have been around in the tobacco smoking community for decades, but vaping aficionados [...]

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Top Spring Vape Flavors to Try

Spring is rapidly approaching and that means that spring cleaning is around the corner. While your home and car could probably use a thorough detailing after the winter season, what I’m talking about is cleaning out all your old e-liquid flavors and picking up some delicious new ones heading into the spring from the best [...]

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Enhance Your Smoking Experience With Glass Pipes

So, the time has finally come that you want to upgrade the way you enjoy your smoking hobby. You’ve been wanting to purchase a glass pipe for a while and now you are finally ready to take that step! Well, there is some good news and bad news about this decision you have come to. [...]

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Hookah Bar a Haven for Middle Eastern Eats

Tucked away off the Left Field Tavern alleyway lies a cozy establishment with low lights, comfy couches and the best (and only) Middle Eastern food you’ll find in Oxford. Owned and operated by Moe, Rami and Ahmad, the delightful Magatheh brothers, the Oxford Hookah Lounge is the perfect late-night respite from the hustle and bustle [...]

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