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Vape Nicotine Levels: How to Know How Much You Need?

Aside from finding a vaping device that fits your needs and preferences, choosing the right vaping juice will have the biggest impact on your vaping experience. Flavor aside, e-juices vary in nicotine levels, and nicotine directly affects the strength of the vape. Higher nicotine levels will pack a stronger punch and might even make you [...]

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Does Vaping Affect Cardio

Smoking and cardio definitely don't go hand in hand, but what about vaping? If you picked up on this latest trend or you're thinking about making the switch from smoking regular cigarettes, you're probably wondering how does vaping and running mix together?  Today we're going to discuss a topic that's been very much in demand [...]

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PG vs. VG in Vape Juice: What is the Difference?

Are you looking to leave your cigarette smoking habit behind and make the switch to something new and exciting? Vaping has definitely taken over the smoking scene, with more and more people ditching their Marlboroughs, and picking up the latest and greatest vape devices. There's a lot of benefits to making the switch but a [...]

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Hookah Tips: Complete Beginners Guide

Are you looking to try a new method of consuming tobacco? What about a centuries-old method that's packed with flavor and tradition?  Smoking a hookah is definitely not new, it just wasn't as popular in western culture as it was in countries like India, Turkey, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East. That being [...]

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6 CBD Oil Facts: Everything You Need to Know

1. It Will Not Get You High Contrary to popular belief, CBD is not intoxicating. The feeling of being "high" is caused by THC, another component of the cannabis plant. This is the most common misconception we hear about CBD, and it's time to set the record straight. CBD has non-toxic therapeutic properties that are [...]

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What is a Bubbler Pipe and How to Use It?

Various types of glasswork have always been an indispensable part of the smoking culture. Back in the day, it was all about classic pipes and bongs, but recently we've started exploring more complex glass contraptions with added percolators to make the smoking process even smoother. Somewhere in between, Bubblers came into existence.  Bubblers are not [...]

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Difference Between Hookah and Shisha

Passionate tobacco users are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy their favorite substance. From experimenting with high-tech contraptions that are supposed to heighten the experience, to going back to older and more traditional methods of smoking like the Hookah and Shisha. These traditional methods were always the preferred way of consuming tobacco [...]

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Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal in the US?

For every passionate smoker, the authentic Cuban cigar is the most-valued prize. It's their holy grail and something they ultimately strive for. However, just a few years ago it was 100% illegal to have Cuban cigars in your possession on American soil. While those restrictions have changed since 2016, and now you're somewhat allowed to [...]

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What is the Best Rolling/Pipe Tobacco?

Rolling your own cigarettes or smoking a pipe are two great methods of enjoying your tobacco that are making a huge comeback. After commercially-produced filtered cigarettes dominated the industry for decades, finally there is a significant shift towards other options.  While most smokers are still loyal to their favorite brands of regular cigarettes and won't [...]

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