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Brief Overview of Glass Pipes

The popularity and demand for quality glass water pipes have created a new, highly specialized branch of glass blowing. Glass artists are now dedicating their work to the artistic and functional creation of glass water pipes. There are two different types of glass pipes: heady glass and scientific glass. Heady glass embraces the artistic side [...]

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Top 9 Hookah Flavors

There is no time like the holidays for huddling around the hookah with your closest mates and oldest pals. Something about the sweet flavors primes us for good conversation and meaningful trades of secrets and stories alike. As we daydreamt about our upcoming festivities that would undoubtedly revolve around the hookah at one point or [...]

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Smoking Accessories You Can’t Go Without

The holidays are over and hopefully you got everything you wanted on your list like a new water pipe or some of your favorite cigars. For smoking enthusiasts, having the best equipment for your hobby is essential for getting the most enjoyment that you can out of it. While many people are focused on the [...]

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Top January Events In Fort Lauderdale

Below are summaries of 10 January events in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas that are on our editors' list of select area events. January 4 - Florida Panthers vs. Winnipeg Jets. NHL Hockey Game January 4 - Swan Lake. The State Ballet Theatre of Russia performs P. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake January 6 - Florida Panthers [...]

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Glass Pipes Continue to Enhance the Experience

In the smoking industry today, there are an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to glass pipes. From truly unique artistic pieces from well-known artists to cutting-edge scientific pipes that truly enhance the smoking experience, there are countless choices to choose from. Whether you are interested in smoking tobacco or dry herbs, finding the [...]

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Let Smokey News Help You Finish Your Christmas Shopping

It is now December and the days are running out to get all your Christmas shopping done in time. It’s difficult to remember everyone on your list and make sure you get everything accounted for. When it comes to those in your life that enjoy smoking, you may not have a clue of where to [...]

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