So you’ve been deemed the honor of being the best man at your best buddy’s wedding. You’re probably excited and a bit nervous because now you have some responsibilities that need to be taken seriously. Besides the toast, caring for the ring during the ceremony, and helping to organize everything at the venue, you are now in charge of throwing an unforgettable bachelor party for the groom before he starts his married life. If you’ve seen the popular movie trilogy The Hangover, you may find yourself fearing a bachelor party as something that can quickly turn into a nightmare. However, these are some simple tips and ideas to keep the bachelor party focused on the bachelor all while enjoying the company of your best buds. Remember, it doesn’t have to be crazy, raunchy or sinful to be memorable!

Budget- while the party should focus on the bachelor, there would be no party without the rest of his buddies to enjoy it with. So when deciding on a location, make sure that every important person in your group can afford to go. There are plenty of places that are great host sites for great bachelor parties like Nashville, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and a variety of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico/Caribbean/Bahamas etc.

The Bachelor– the itinerary should be focused around the likes and hobbies of your buddy. Ultimately, it is his weekend and should be geared towards what he likes. For example, if he is an avid golfer, maybe you want to go to a place where you can stay and place a few really nice courses or if he loves to fish, go somewhere where you can take a charter boat out for the day and catch some monster fish. He picked you to be the best man because you are his closest friend and know him the best.

Alcohol and Cigars– no matter how low-key or crazy you plan to keep the bachelor party, alcohol will take the center of attention. Whether you focus your time on finding local bars that support craft brews or hip downtown clubs with bottle service, alcohol will be a part of it. And no bachelor party is complete without sharing an evening with your closest friends, smoking a quality cigar, like an Arturo Fuente, Cohiba, or Rocky Patel.

Hopefully, these few tips help you if you find yourself asking how to plan a bachelor party. And if you find your way to Fort Lauderdale or are from the area, check out Smokey News for the best selection of cigars (like the ones mentioned above)! Visit them online at Cigar shop Fort Lauderdale.