Although you can do a few tricks with a cigarette, vaping takes it to the next level, letting you perform many more tricks whilst being potentially less harmful to inhale. If you are looking for a vape shop in Fort Lauderdale, we know just the place for getting started with your vape tricks. 

Whether you’ve been vaping for a long time, or are an inexperienced beginner, we have all the tricks you need to know to look cool and impress your friends. Take a look below as we explain how to do vape tricks, and show you the 6 best tricks everyone can learn.

Prepare for the Vape Tricks

Before doing a trick on your vape device, it would be a good idea to first get prepared for it. When you are doing a trick, you usually have to blow out very large amounts of vapor. 

In order to do this the best, it’s often a good idea to get some high VG vape juice, as this type is not as intense on your throat, and emits a larger amount of vapor for making the tricks look great.

For some people, inhaling a lot of nicotine can make you dizzy, so if this applies to you, why not go for a non-nicotine vape juice before starting your tricks.

The Ghost Inhale

Men With Beard Vape and Produse Steam Rings

The ghost inhale is one of the best vape tricks for beginners. Some people can even do this on their first try! 

The ghost inhale is where you blow out a large vapor cloud and then suck it back in. It might sound difficult, but it is quite easy. What’s more, it’s the basis for a lot of more advanced tricks, so learning this one can give you the fundamental skills needed to begin on the more complicated ones. 

So, how do you perform this trick?

  • Take a long drag of vapor and hold it in your mouth.
  • Then, keep it in your mouth for one or two seconds before slowly releasing it.
  • After it has been released, quickly suck it back up and pull it back into your mouth.

Remember not to force it when you do this trick, and slowly bring it out for the best results. 

The Tornado

The tornado is known as one of the coolest tricks you can do with a vape device. By blowing out the vapor and twirling your hand, you can create an impressive tornado that will wow your friends! It’s super easy and beginners can effectively do it with ease. 

This one is not just done with your mouth, but with your hands too. All you need is a flat surface and you’ll be good to go. 

So, here’s how you do it:

  • First of all, sit down or kneel beside a table or other flat surface, putting your mouth as close to the table as possible. 
  • Breathe in the vapors and then slowly blow out as much as you can onto the table.
  • After doing this, put your hand in the middle of the vapor cloud and flick your wrist while quickly raising your hand.
  • Finally, the vapor should rise up, looking like a tornado as it does so.

Practice this a few times to get it looking perfect and to get the tornado bigger and more prominent. You can even try blowing the vapor through a toilet roll to have better control of the amount that goes onto the table.

The Dragon

The dragon is one of the coolest vape tricks for beginners, and although it looks difficult, it is actually quite easy to do. 

By blowing vapor out of both your nose and the corners of your mouth, you can look just like a menacing dragon in the moments before it blows fire over an unsuspecting medieval village. 

This is how to do vape tricks like a dragon: 

  • First, you need to inhale large amounts of vapor through your mouth.
  • After doing this, start slowly pushing the vapor out from your nose and force it out of the corners of your mouth by tightly shutting only the middle of your lips at the same time. 

After a bit of practice, you will be able to do this like a professional.

Blow O’s

Blowing O’s creates large rings when blown out. This takes no time at all to learn and is an important one to master if you are looking to move on to more complicated vape tricks later on. 

This can be difficult to get right the first time, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll be an expert at blowing O’s and will be able to conjure them up in different shapes and sizes in no time. 

Take a look below to see how to do vape tricks for blowing O’s:

  • First, take a deep breath of the vapor and hold it in your throat. 
  • Put your tongue to the back of your throat and form an O shape with your lips.
  • Force the vapor out from your throat and through your lips, an O shape should form.

Man Shows Tricks With Smoke

The French Inhale

The French inhale is also known as the Irish waterfall. With this one, you blow out from your mouth and straight away inhale up into your nose so that it looks like an inverted waterfall. 

It looks amazing when performed, and what’s more, it’s one of the easiest vape tricks for beginners. 

Now, read carefully to know how to do vape tricks called the french inhale.

  • Take a pull from the vape device, and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Carefully open your mouth and softly blow out, extending your jaw as much as possible.
  • As it comes out, inhale the vapor through your nose as you see it lift upwards.

This is super easy to do and only requires some patience to get it perfect.

The Jellyfish

When talking about vape tricks for beginners, the jellyfish is one of the best. This trick looks amazing, and mirrors exactly what a real jellyfish looks like but in vapor form. 

However, it’s one of the hardest tricks on this list, so it might be a good idea to try some of the others before moving on to this one. In fact, knowing how to blow O’s is a must, as this is an extension of that trick. 

So, here’s how you do it:

  • Blow an O ring first, by forming an O shape with your lips and forcing the vapor out of your throat, as we explained earlier.
  • Then as soon as the O has been blown, immediately pull from your vape device and blow a ball of vapor out, aiming for it to go through the O ring. 

This will create the intended jellyfish effect, making you the envy of all your friends.

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