Smoking a pipe is a true ritual for men (and women) all around the globe. It is not just about dragging smoke into your lungs and puffing it out like an animal. It is so much more than that. Every tiny little aspect of the process is just as important as the next one, and in order to pack a perfect pipe, you simply must have a certain level of experience.

However, you can get closer to this valuable know-how by reading our concise yet detailed and informative pipe smoking guide for beginners.

But first, let’s take a look at the main pieces of pipe smoking equipment you will likely be needing.

Guide To Pipe Smoking: Equipment


Obviously, we’re starting off with the main piece: pipe. Since you can spend anywhere from $5 to $500 on this piece of tobacco smoking equipment, we at Smokey News feel like you could use some guidance in this area.

The most common materials pipe used include:

You are most likely to find briarwood pipes as these are most common thanks to the material’s durability, heat resistance, and affordability, which is why we recommend this type of pipe to first-time pipe smokers. Corn cob is definitely the cheapest option, while meerschaum pipes are often quite expensive.

man smoking a pipe

Pipe roll

Of course, having a pipe roll is not necessary, but if you plan on becoming a true pipe smoker, we recommend you get one. Pipe roll acts like a bag that keeps all your pipe smoking supplies in one place and is extremely handy.

Special lighter

It is recommended that you use a Zippo type of a lighter that comes with a hole in the side of its chimney. If you use regular lighters, you will be forced to hold it upside down. Pipe-friendly Zippos, however, will provide optimal flame and will be much easier for you to light the tobacco in your pipe. Just hold it sideways and suck the flame through the hole.

Long wooden matches will also do the trick.

The rest of the pipe smoking equipment includes:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Tamper/nail
  • Tobacco (of course)

Beginners Guide to Pipe Smoking: Packing & Lighting

Packing is probably the most difficult part of the process, especially for the newbies. However, once you get a hang of it, it will become a walk in the park.

Packing the Pipe via the Three-Layer Method

First, you will need to gravity fill the pipe with the tobacco. Grab a few pinches of tobacco and drop them into the pipe until there’s no more room. Now tamp the tobacco so that the bowl of the pipe is halfway full. This is your first tobacco layer.

Repeat the process two more times.

Once you’re done, the tamped tobacco should be just below the rim of the bowl and it is time to test the draw. To do this, draw the air through the pipe without lighting the tobacco just yet. It should have a resistance of drawing soda through a straw.

If it feels like you’ve run out of soda, it means it is too loose and you need to tamp it more and add more tobacco. If, however, you feel like drawing a milkshake through a straw, you’ve probably packed too dense, and you should use a needle to poke a few holes in the tobacco.

Lighting the Pipe

Hold the flame above the bowl of your packed pipe and take 5 to 6 shorter puffs, while moving the flame around the bowl so all the surface tobacco is charred. Tamp again, and after that hold the flame above the tobacco once again, but this time around make sure you take 5 to 6 deep draws. Once the flame starts to get down into the very core of your tobacco, continue to take deeper puffs so a nice ember is made.

We hope you found our guide to pipe smoking useful. Let us know how it all went in the comments section below. For some great deals on any smoking and vaping equipment, visit Smokey News in Fort Lauderdale.