There are still those people that look at you sideways when you light up a cigar. They might even raise their eyebrows when you tell them what you’ve paid. Those folks really have no idea. They might wonder how much does a good cigar cost? However, they have no real idea about the pleasure you can get from this hobby and how getting involved in your local tobacco shop puts you in an inner circle.

Maybe you’ve started wondering about where to get the best cigars in Fort Lauderdale by now. Perhaps you would like to know a little more than just how much does a cigar cost?  Smokey’s Cigar can help.

Consider this. There’s a lot that goes into making a cigar and the end result is worthy of your attention. The tobacco that goes into these special products is harvested in tobacco fields in places like Cuba and the Honduras. The tobacco is cured and harvested and then generally hand rolled into the product you buy.

You’ll be in good company when you decide to smoke cigars too. President Bill Clinton kept several of them on Air Force One and Jay-Z has also been known to enjoy a good stogie.