If you love your cigar like Logan does from Wolverine, you know how important it is to make sure that they are in perfect condition.

There are different angles to look at the importance of a cigar humidor if you think about it.

The simplest one being that you do not want your cigars to get damaged and the best way to make sure that it does not happen is via going with one of the best cigar humidor in market.

Now, obviously, that is the reason why you are reading these best cigar humidor reviews but there are different angles again!

What if you buy cigars in stock and only take a few on a single day. Many people do that and it is tough to keep all of them humid free and in perfect condition if you do not have a humidor.

A personal cigar humidor is not a luxury but a necessity for those who really use it these days.

Why do you think we have tons of portable cigar humidor brands and cigar shops near us? That’s because we need them.

10 Best Cigar Humidor Reviews!

In this section of the article, we are going to look at 10 of the best cigar humidor reviews from the market. We didn’t focus on the humidors that do not exist anymore.

We only wanted to talk about the relevant ones and the ones that you can go ahead and buy today if you want to.

Let’s not waste anymore time and get straight into the reviews. It is time!

1. Mantello Glasstop Desktop Cigar Humidor – Up To 100 Cigars, Spanish Cedar, Brass Hinges, Lock & Key

Mantello Desktop Humidor Glasstop

One reason that why humidors are great is because of their interesting titles.
The titles are self explaining and they explain almost everything of a product within the name itself.

Where else would you find that? I don’t think there are much options out there.

100 Cigarette Humidor

Now, let’s talk about the capacity to start with. The best feature of the Mantello 100 Cigar is the fact that this can hold up to 100 cigars. Now, that’s a smart number.

Most of us do not buy cigars more than 100 at a time unless you are crazy about them. Therefore, the 100 pack is the ideal solution to go for.

Even if you do not buy more than 50 pieces at this moment, I would still recommend you that you go for the 100 pack.

Removable Tray

It comes with a lot of other benefits too. One of them being the removable tray. The removable tray gives this a pleasant look.

Cigar is a royal item to have and the holder should represent that, right? If you think the same way then this will definitely please your mind.

The divider and the removable tray makes this a classy looking device for you. If you are looking for even more benefits then the lock and the key sets might satisfy you too.

2. Modena Countertop Cigar Display Humidor – Up To 125 Cigars, 4 Dividers, 2 Humidifiers, Side Handles

Modena Countertop Cigar Display Humidor

This cherry color based humidor is a treat to most eyes. The company, Prestige Import Group has a few varieties out there in terms of colors and they all look classy.
The size is decent and it can hold up to 125 cigars in it. Though I would recommend not to fill it up with 125 cigars. The best option would be going with 100 odd ones.

There are four dividers inside which makes the cigars to sit perfectly. If you are one of those who doesn’t want their cigars to get messy then this is the best possible option to go for.

The box looks nice but if you ask me personally, I would say that the box looks better when it is open rather than the closed look.

Obviously, it varies widely from person to person so there is nothing much to talk about that either.

The box might look small in the image so it is important that you know about the dimensions. The size is around 21 inch in terms of width and it is 7 inch in terms of height. That’s definitely not small.

3. Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Humidifier – Tempered Glass Top, Scratch Resistant, Magnetic Humidifie

Cigar Desktop Humidor Humidifier

The first thing that you should know about this unit is that the royale glasstop is nothing like the sound of it.
It is a regular glass top at the top area of the box to make sure that you can see your cigars inside the humidor.

Is that something amazing? Well, not but it is a nice to have feature to make it look good.

The company that produced this unit is called Mantello Cigars. The company is a popular one in the cigar industry and this is one of the most sold cigar humidifiers of all time.

What’s the reason behind that?

Well, one of the reasons is that this is an old unit and that definitely adds up. But that’s not the only reason as it has interesting features too.

Obviously, you got it from the title that this can hold up to 50 cigars which is nice. The tempered glass at the top adds a nice look to it.

More than that, the divider is completely removable so if you want to display the cigars in this box to someone then that’s possible too.

The box actually is smaller than what it looks like. The width is around 10 inches where the height would be around 8 inches. Overall, this is a great humidor for the money.

4. Scorch Torch 25-50 Cigar Humidor Humidifier Hygrometer – Up To 70 Cigars, Humidor, Velcro Tape, Cedar Divider

Humidor Humidifier

The name sounds classy along with names that we don’t understand, right?
If you are into class and want something that is different than other humidifiers in the market then this is the perfect option for you.

The product looks good, it comes from a great company and it has a capacity of up to 70 cigars which is decent too.

Though it might not be the case for most people out there, according to us, the best feature of this product is the price itself.

The price is within budget range for most people and the quality that you get for that price range is amazing.

This is a small box with around 8 inches of width along with 4 inches of height. The humidifier comes in a few colors where the most popular one is probably the cherry one.

Also, when you buy this item, you get a few extra stuff such as the Velcro tape, a divider and an instruction manual which is not a great one to have.

Overall, this is definitely a good product to go for.

5. Monte Carlo Wood Cigar Humidor with Handles – Up To 120 Cigars, 2 Adjustable Dividers, Removable Tray

Wood Cigar Humidor with Handles

This is a product from the Prestige Import Group and this is definitely a good one.
Again, there are tons of happy customers who have used this one and were happy about the results.

What does this one offer then?

Well, the first look will tell you about the box. The box is classy and the color is Monte Carlo.

The company offers this same product within a few other color ranges too such as Valencia and all.

The size options are also there that you can go for. The one that we are talking about here can take up to 120 cigars which is decent.

There are two dividers that you can either keep or discard depending on your choice. There is also a large cedar removable tray that you can use and it is a good one too.

The cherry finish looks classy and old school. Almost all cigar holders are made in an old-school design and this one is not different at all.

The box is also big and heavy. If you want to know the measurements, it widths around 15 inches where the height is around 6.5 inches. All in all, this is definitely a good pick.

6. Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case – Up To 4 Cigars, Compact, Genuine Leather Outer Surface

Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case

This is a travel humidor case which you can understand from the title.
This is not a unit that will store a ton of your cigars for an unlimited amount of time.

This is a travel case that will support you in those crucial times. Though this is a small one with a limited target, the unit is of enough class and you will actually enjoy showing it off when you are traveling around.

The unit is made of wood and that gives you extra class to carry around. The company tells us that this is 100% cedar solid unit and it looks so too.

The outer surface is covered with leather and it is genuine leather.

We will not go into the debate of whether going for actual leather is a good idea or not as that is not the talk of this article. But if you are into leather, this is definitely of premium quality.

Let’s talk about the size a bit. Though the description might tell you that this is a nano unit, the size is not that bad either. The size is of around 195*120*58mm and it is a convenient one too.

How many cigars can you carry with this one?

Well, the number is 4. It is not something to be super happy about but 4 is not a bad number either if you think about the classy look and feel of the humidor.

7. Milano Glasstop Best Quality Cigar Humidor – Up To 100 Cigars, Rectangle Humidifier, Cedar Tray with Divider

Milano Glasstop Humidor

The next in our list is the Milano Glasstop Humidor.
Do you know about the brand Milano?

It is considered as one of the old and most renowned brands when it comes to humidors. Does the product show the potential?

Well, we can take both sides to be really honest.

The product has interesting features but yes, the price is on the higher end too. And for many people, the price does not justify the features of this unit.

Well, let’s talk about some of the important features and you can decide on yourself which is the right path to go about it.

Let’s talk about the limits first.

According to the company, this can hold up to 100 cigars at once which is a nice limit to have. Unless you are the mighty Logan, you do not need a humidor more than that capacity.

Now, the second feature would be two different colors. The company actually charge different prices for two different colors so you might check both the ones if you want.

The highlighted feature according to me would be the sure seal technology. This technology makes sure that you do not have to worry about the sealing at all.

The sure seal (as the name suggests) will ensure that the seal is secured which means that your cigars are in perfect conditions.

8. Quality Importers Milano 75-100 Cigar Humidor – Round Humidifier, Hygrometer, Cedar Tray with Divider

75-100 Cigar Humidor

Don’t get angry seeing two Milano reviews one after another.
The products are different and they both offer interesting features.

We would never include something in our review of the best cigar humidor if we didn’t think that the product is worth it.

This unit is definitely worth it with some amazing features and quality. Let’s have a dive and look at some of the cool features of this one.

The first one would be the limit as always. The unit has a limit of 100 cigars which is decent. One sad fact is that you cannot watch your cigars when the box is closed.

Unlike some other ones out there, this one does not offer you a glass door at the top end.

Is that a must to have tool?

Well, not really but it was a nice to have option for you.

Now, there will be two benefits in one box which are a round humidifier and a hygrometer.

The sure seal technology is here as well which means that you do not have to worry about the humidity getting wasted or the cigars getting damaged when the box is locked.

Almost everyone promises this now a days but only a few can actually deliver the results. This product does it fine and that is why, we had to include this one in our list.

The next would be the gold plated lock. The lock looks classy and interesting. There is that old age feel though the lock is very sharp and active.

9. Hydra Personal Series Best Electronic Cigar Humidifier – LED Indicator, Two Extra Fan Ports, Thin Power Strip

Electronic Cigar Humidifier

This is something completely different from the ones that we have talked about so far.
This is different because this one is digital and this one is electronic.

Obviously, the world is getting digitalized and whether you agree or not, the cigar industry (possibly the only vintage and cool industry out there) is also getting digitalized with products like this electronic cigar humidifier.

Now, being an electric unit comes with a lot of benefits and it easily can destroy the old school ones in terms of features.

If you are still confused, then lets’ talk about some of the features and you will immediately know what we are talking about here.

The product has interesting LED light setups so that you can perfectly find your cigars without lighting your room in pitch black darkness.

There are two different fan ports which will make sure that the humidity is on the perfect level for almost all the time.

One common problem that the organic ones had is that the humidity didn’t sit on a fixed level for long hours. That problem is not there as everything is controlled electronically with this one.

The power strip is very thin and it does not even feel like a robotic device.

The coolest feature is definitely the visual water indicator. It gives a completely different vibe to the whole setting.

Though the price is a bit higher than the regular ones but we can take that as this is an electronic device, right?

10. La Cubana Leather Travel Cigar Humidor – Up To 15 Cigars, Hygrometer, Syphone, Cutter, Brass Key and Lock

Leather Travel Cigar Humidor

The last one in our list of the best type of cigar humidor would be this, the La Cubana Leather Travel Cigar Humidor.
Is this one of the best rated humidor?

Well, that’s for sure because it has some amazing and interesting qualities that you don’t find elsewhere.

You can also call this as one of the best small cigar humidor as this is a small and travel type unit.

It looks like a small briefcase, unlike those other wooden type ones.

This has a mix of class and comfort in it. The whole case is pitch black and the company doesn’t offer other options for you to go for so you will have to stick to this one only.

The unit an hold up to 15 cigars which is decent. Remember the last small one that we talked about in this same review?

That could hold up to 4 cigars so this is definitely an improvement.

The unit looks cool and the size is of around 8.5 inch width along with around 3.5 inches of height. Overall, this is a good unit to take on your travel journeys.