While cigar smoking isn’t as prevalent as it was in the mid-’90s, there are still a lot of us aficionados remaining who enjoy a good stogie every now and then.

If you are new to this hobby and looking for good cigars to buy as a beginner, you will be happy to know that myriad options are available for you to test and enjoy.

As you may know, cigar smoking isn’t the same as smoking cigarettes. This is an exquisite and multi-faceted experience. First, you have the taste, the peculiar smell, the construction, the burn quality… And let’s not get started with beverage pairing.

Many things go into cigar smoking culture, and just like driving fast cars and enjoying different types of whiskies, cigar smoking also takes time. You can’t just jump right at it and smoke the most expensive and largest cigar right off the bat. Well, you can, but ask any seasoned smoker. They will state there’s a long way from getting interested in this hobby to smoking a Nicaraguan double Ligero Churchill and genuinely savoring every moment of it.

Take your time, relax, and enjoy every moment of cigar smoking until you become a pro. And to start on the right foot, we bring you the best beginner cigars and a few tips as well.

Start Slow

Even though some beginner fans will be fine with starting with a stronger cigar, aficionados recommend going mild initially, especially if you haven’t smoked before. The best beginner cigars are usually mild, as they are the best introductory options that will ensure you get an enjoyable “first bite.”

As said before, some beginners will be okay with fuller-bodied cigars from the start, but opting for a milder cigar in the beginning, can give you more time as your palate develops. Also, you should learn about standard cigar etiquette to fully enhance the experience.

The Connection Between Cigar Etiquette and the Best Beginner Cigars

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As mentioned, smoking a cigar is not like smoking cigarettes, and the best cigars for beginners are usually much more exquisite than the cheapest box of cigarettes.

There’s a massive culture of cigar smoking; for most, it’s an actual art form. Having that in mind, here are some crucial pointers that you should know about before you light one bad boy up: 

  • Eat before you smoke but don’t gorge. Smoking with a full belly can be great against queasiness. Also, make sure to bring your favorite beverage. 
  • Always make sure you have your own butane lighter, cases, matches, and cutter. 
  • Hold the beginner cigar between your index/middle finger and thumb, not between the middle and the index finger.
  • Don’t ruin the wrapper as you cut it, so cut above the cap.
  • Don’t let the flame get near the cigar’s foot when lighting it. This will singe the wrapper and make the cigar bitter and the draws uneven.
  • Smoke for a few minutes and remove the band only then. This ensures that the glue becomes warm enough and the wrapper won’t get damaged. 
  • Take your time. Take a couple of draws every few minutes.
  • Draw in slowly and make sure to let the smoke rest in your mouth slowly but don’t inhale it.
  • Re-lighting the cigar often can make the cigar taste bitter and hot.
  • Don’t ash often, and don’t hit the cigar against the ashtray. Instead, roll the cigar into the tray and allow the ash to fall on its own. 
  • Have fun.

Finding the Best Beginner Cigars

Luckily, there are many excellent handmade cigars for beginners that aren’t machine-made or of poor quality. Still, if you are thinking of indulging in those machine-made options, do yourself a favor and don’t. Those poor-quality cigars lack the necessary complexity and depth of their handmade counterparts. They also tend to have chopped-up tobacco as fillers instead of whole leaves. 

So, look for more premium brands that offer medium- or mild-bodied options, as these are the best beginner cigars for aficionados who are just starting out. 

The Best Cigars for Beginners

CAO Gold Torpedo

This is among the best beginner cigars as they are mild, some may say even sweet, with sweet cream, bread dough, and citrus notes. These cigars come with excellent consistency and superior construction that makes them among the best cigars to smoke and not just for pure greenhorns.

Montecristo White Label Rotchilde

These are also good cigars to buy as the exquisite taste with hints of vanilla, oak, cream, and leather and the easy draw make them a bliss to savor. The strength varies from mild to medium, with remarkable consistency. 

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Churchill 

Why are these great beginner cigars? First off, they have beautiful construction, rich flavor, and an even burn. The rich, nutty, creamy, and toasty flavor complements the medium body excellently. It also enables newcomer enthusiasts to indulge in the smoking experience. One of these cigars can last up to an hour if you smoke it at a relaxed pace. 

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Super Toro

Because of their mildness and superior quality, these are also among the best beginner cigars with hints of honey, sweet cream, and coffee. The exquisite construction provides an impeccable experience making it among the best cigars for beginners that bring the whole package to the table without the prominent taste of a full-body cigar.

Olive Serio O Toro

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Here’s another excellent beginner cigar with slowly progressing strength. The delicious flavors include hints of cedar, chocolate, pepper, cherry, and spice, with strength building gradually. For those who want to experience early on what a pro, full-bodied cigar tastes like, this option is more than worth a shot, but pace yourself on this one.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

With a nearly perfect draw and burn, these 4.5-inch cigars provide faster smoke but a comprehensive enough experience to keep you coming back. The hints of vanilla, white pepper, and cream make this beginner cigar remarkably consistent and a great way to get introduced to cigar smoking.

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro

These are also among the best beginner cigars, and not just because of their affordability. These satisfying and mellow sticks leave hints of toffee, nuts, and cream on the palate with an overarching woody note that you simply can’t forget. They come in either mild or medium, making them an excellent choice for beginners, even if the construction isn’t impeccable. Still, the draw and burn are perfect.

Gispert Robusto

These might not be the most popular beginner options, but they are excellent for greenhorns to get acquainted with the culture. They boast hints of cocoa, cedar, and caramel. The 54-ring gauge makes them difficult to overheat, so they are among the most approachable options. On the flip side, the burn can be uneven on these. 

Give Us a Visit and Learn From the Best

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