In order to have a perfect hookah smoking experience, you should make sure all aspects of this smoking activity is properly taken care of. The hookah pipe should be of high-quality and cleaned properly, the shisha you are using must be top-shelf, and one of the aspects that is most often overlooked is – making sure the hookah coals you are using are also among the best in their class.

Much like the quality, type, and flavor of the shisha you are using have a direct influence on your hookah smoking experience, using only the best hookah coals to heat up the shisha inevitably factors into the entire process and can make a huge difference in overall experience and taste.

And this is where the majority of inexperienced users fail to comply and round up this enjoyable event by using instant and light coals due to their convenience and, more often than not, user-friendliness.

Experienced users know that, although these quick charcoals do light somewhat faster than natural ones, our Smokey News team believes the latter ones are simply far too superior in terms of quality.

What to Look For in Natural Hookah Coals: Instant VS Natural

As we previously mentioned, there are two hookah coals: instant (quick-burning) and natural (coconut-based, slow-burning) coals. From an experienced user’s standpoint, we strongly recommend using natural ones as that way you are truly getting a fresh and organic hookah experience. Of course, in situations in which you are in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to burn natural ones, instant coals may do the trick.

Fun Fact: Instant hookah coals may cause headaches, while natural hookah coals rarely do.

Here’s a table that compares quick vs natural hookah coals so you know what to look for in hookah coal.

Quick (Instant) Hookah Coals

  • Ignition time – 30 seconds
  • Lighting accessories – small lighter or matches
  • Cost – more expensive
  • Duration – typically one session max
  • Headache – possible, especially when smoking a lot

Natural, Coconut Coals for Hookah

  • Ignition time – 1 to 5 min
  • Lighting accessories – big lighter or oven
  • Cost – cheaper
  • Duration – can deliver multiple sessions
  • Headache – no or rarely

That said, here are some of our coconut coals for hookah we think are currently most popular on the market.

Best Natural Hookah Coals: Our Picks

Coco Nara

This is definitely among the best natural hookah coals, and for good reason. These charcoals are made of compressed coconut shells and typically take 5 to 8 minutes to burn properly and start glowing red. One of the most pertinent advantages of this brand is that these coals are completely tasteless, which means the taste of your tobacco will remain pure and unsullied.

Some important features include:

  • it doesn’t contain sulfur
  • can last up to 90 minutes
  • leaves up to 5% of ash
  • very affordable and environment-friendly.

Red Cube

Red Cube is one of the most coveted coconut coals for hookah currently available on the market. It is chemical-free, it is made of high-quality coconut shell, it is smokeless, and is also environment-friendly. Like Coco Nara, it leaves minimal ash residue and is low moisture.

Titanium Coconut Shell Hookah Coals

Widely accepted as one of the best, 100% natural coals made of coconut shells, Titanium is a bit less porous and is meant to be burnt longer and with lower temperature. It has all the great features of the two coals we mentioned above, and more.

Typically, it burns for 45 minutes up to 1 hour, providing high-quality hookah smoking experience.

We hope we managed to give you a comprehensible answer to the titular question and explain why the three aforementioned brands are currently the best hookah coals money can buy. What is your favorite brand?

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