Vaping has become insanely popular across the globe during the past decade, and while it is slowly but surely turning into a form of religion among the passionate vapers, we at Smokey News know just how crucial e-juices are to the whole experience. This is why we decided to make our list of best vape juice brands currently available on the vaping market, and thus hopefully make your decision a tad easier the next time you need to stock up on these delicious e-liquids.

Please note that the following list of best vape juice brands is our personal pick and that it might not match your taste, respectively. Also, these 5 vape juice brands are put in random order here, not from best to worst or vice versa.

Space Jam E-Juice

The first brand on our list is one of the most popular and widely-loved e-liquid names all over the US, the famous Space Jam E-Juice. Space Jam earned its amazing reputation among vapers due to their wide range of quality and delicious vape juice flavors that are known to be quite thick, fruity and creamy. Some of the most coveted flavors include:

  • Eclipse – creamy vanilla tobacco
  • Pluto – melon, bubblegum, and mint
  • Starship 1 – kiwi and vanilla custard
  • Andromeda – cream, pomegranate, and blueberry

Andromeda, the original Space Jam flavor, is among the best e-liquids according to many professional vapers.

Beard Vape Cobeard vape co

This extremely well-known vaping company is famous for producing a wide variety of e-juice flavors that are simply out of this world. Our personal favorite blend coming from Beard Vape Co is definitely Malted Caramel Milkshake – a perfect mix of caramel drizzle and whole milk that is truly mouthwatering and ideal for those with a sweet tooth.




Cosmic Fog

One of the best vape juice brands according to Smokey News smoke shop is Cosmic Fog. You simply cannot go wrong with any of their flavors. If you are looking for your new favorite all-day-vape e-juice, we recommend Milk and Honey, a rich marshmallow-based juice that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds out there.

Cuttwood Vapors E-Juice

Cuttwood Vapors E-Juice

Another widely appreciated brand is definitely Cuttwood, an LA-based brand that is truly “the sauce boss” among e-juices. With their range of five delicious juices, Cuttwood managed to win over the hearts and palates of many vapers around the globe.

One of their best and most famous e-liquids is certainly their strawberry and cream blend called Unicorn Milk, while they also offer:

  • Mega Melons – the mango, cantaloupe, and papaya
  • Boss Reserve – the honey, graham cracker, nut, banana, and milk
  • Bird Brains – fruit cereal
  • Sugar Bear – cinnamon, cream, and cereal option

Cuttwood Vapors brand earned their reputation due to the high quality of their juices. They put their e-liquids through rigorous testing and don’t hesitate to invest a lot of time and money into research and development of their flavors.

Black Note E-Liquid



Our list of best vape juice brands simply wouldn’t be whole without Black Note. This brand is currently among the most revered ones in the vaping community and their flavors continue to receive glowing reviews and praise for their famously realistic, delicious, and three-dimensional tobacco blends.

It is said that Black Note’s secret is using the naturally extracted tobacco technique for making their vape juices, and it is this use of real tobacco leaves for flavoring that makes their blends so powerful.

So, there you have it folks. Make sure to check out some of these brands, as well as other vaping equipment, at Smokey News.

Vape on!