As we are sure you know by now, there are many reasons why vaping is better than smoking: since you are not inhaling burning tar and chemicals, it is healthier; because nothing is being burnt, it is cleaner and safer;  it smells better; it is cheaper and more convenient, there is no smoke, first- or second-hand, and the list goes on. These are not the only reasons why we’re such big fans. What we really love about vaping is the technology, we just think that vape pens look really, really cool.

This enthusiasm that has helped us become the best vape shop in Fort Lauderdale with a huge selection of vape pens, both dry herb and e vapor liquid, and other accessories for you to choose from, but if you have not already converted, let us explain the technology behind the vape, and maybe we will tip the balance.

We’ve often been asked “How do vapes work?” so here’s a quick breakdown:

1. The tank

The e vapor liquid holder is called a tank if it is refillable, or a cartridge if it is only for single-use. It is also usually combined with the atomizer to form a single unit. Polycarbonate plastic is the most common material used in tanks, but glass and stainless steel can also be found.

2. The atomizer

The atomizer is what the little heater in a vape pen is called. Fancier variations are called cartomizers, clearomizers or other jargony names, but, at heart, they are all still atomizers— a minuscule heating element that converts liquid to tiny airborne droplets.

The difference between atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers is in how the oil is applied. If a little bit of oil is dabbed directly onto the heating element, it’s an atomizer. Keep the atomizer saturated with oil from a separate tank by surrounding it with polyfill material and it’s a cartomizer. Use a silica wick to drip the oil from a separate tank onto the atomizer and it’s a clearomizer. The wick can be swapped for cotton, steel mesh, or other “premium” materials.

3. Sensors and lights

Whether your vape pen turns on automatically when you inhale, or you have to push a button, it requires a sensor to determine when it is in use. Most vape pens also incorporate a LED signal light to indicate when the atomizer is working or the battery needs recharging.

4. The battery

Although it’s small, the atomizer has to reach temperatures of over 400 degrees in seconds. Combine this with the sensors and indicator lights and it makes your vape pen quite a power hungry little gadget. This is why it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, just like your cell phone. These batteries have high energy density, meaning they can store a lot of energy in a relatively small space. They also have the added advantage of not being likely to blow up if improperly charged.

As you can see, like all really revolutionary concepts, vape pens are actually incredibly simple in concept. And when you think that you can assemble these components in a casing as individual as you are, and the result is something as satisfying as smoking without the harmful side-effects, and you can see why we love vaping.  So visit us today and check out the huge range of vape pens, e vapor liquids, dry herb grinders and other vaping accessories that make us the best vape shop in Fort Lauderdale.