9 Ways to Improve Vapor Production from Your E-Cig

When first starting vaping, most people opt for something simple to use and (ideally) satisfying, with quitting smoking being the core goal. But when you’ve been vaping for a little while, putting out bigger vapor clouds starts to seem fairly appealing. Most of us don’t go the extreme and become full-fledged “cloud chasers,” but having [...]

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Taste the Difference with High-Quality Smoking Accessories

Smoking, as you know, is all about the flavor. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke cigars, a hookah, or a glass pipe, when you light up, you want that full-bodied, aromatic taste that is the hallmark of a good smoking experience. So settling on the right implement and tobacco for your tastes is your number [...]

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The Art of Cloud Chasing: The Ultimate Guide

What does it mean to chase clouds? In the world of vaping, chasing clouds mean building a vape setup that is designed specifically to create massive plumes of vapor. Some people call it “stunt vaping” or “extreme vaping,” while other simply call it sub-ohm vaping. Cloud Chasing as Sport A few years ago, cloud chasers [...]

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3 Methods to Refill a Lighter

If you have a standard disposable, long-stemmed, butane, or windproof Zippo lighter, you’ll eventually need to refill it. Refilling your lighters is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply put the right type of fluid into your lighter when you notice your flame getting low, or when your lighter can’t produce a flame at [...]

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How Often Should You Clean Your Water Pipe?

As most cannabis consumers know, smoking out of a dirty bong or water pipe can really put a damper on your smoking experience. Dirty bongs are harsh, foul-tasting, smelly, and might even put you at greater risk of developing a lung infection. But, how often should you clean your piece? And what’s the best way [...]

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The Best Vape Shop in Fort Lauderdale

As we are sure you know by now, there are many reasons why vaping is better than smoking: since you are not inhaling burning tar and chemicals, it is healthier; because nothing is being burnt, it is cleaner and safer;  it smells better; it is cheaper and more convenient, there is no smoke, first- or [...]

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10 Best Cigar Humidor Reviews 2017 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you love your cigar like Logan does from Wolverine, you know how important it is to make sure that they are in perfect condition. There are different angles to look at the importance of the best cigar humidor if you think about it. The simplest one being that you do not want your cigars [...]

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Smokers Switching to Vaping See 66% Respiratory Improvements

Confusion and misconceptions exist about vaping. This is especially true for its ability to help those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. Many assume that because nicotine is delivered that is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. While both contain nicotine, they are very different products. Vaping is newer and while it hasn’t been around [...]

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Cosmic Fog meets with FDA

The first premarket tobacco application (PMTA) from the independent vapor industry may come from Cosmic Fog Vapors. The company announced Thursday that it has sent a briefing document to the FDA — “for the purpose of submitting Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for their range of E-Liquid products.” Cosmic Fog is located in Costa Mesa, CA. [...]

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Top 10 Strangest E-Juice Flavors

The vaping industry is estimated to be a $4-billion dollar business in the U.S. According to Wells Fargo analyst’s that number is projected to reach $10 billion annually by 2017. In 2014 oxford dictionaries had chosen “Vape” as the word of the year. There is no question that the vape industry is booming and we [...]

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