Picking the Best Vape Pen – It’s Easier Than It Sounds!

When it comes to vapes and vape shops, some people are often confused. Some of them even ask: “Where are these shops, what do they have to offer me, how vapes work, and which are the ones near me?” We ensure you, Smokey News from Fort Lauderdale offers a wide variety of different vapes, and [...]

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14 Outstanding Non-Cuban Cigars To Smoke Right Now

The tasting from February's Cigar Aficionado, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover, is now live on our website. It was impressive to say the least, with 34 cigars scoring 90 points or higher. In total, 83 cigars (not including the separate Top 25 of 2016 tasting) were tasted by our panel of editors, who consider [...]

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The Story Behind Kaizad Hansotia and Gurkha Cigar Company

Gurkha Cigar Company is known around the world as one of the most luxurious brands of premium cigars. With many different blends and lines, there is a Gurkha cigar to fit almost any occasion and any palate. Retailing from anywhere around $10, to over $15 or $20, Gurkha also claims some of the world’s most [...]

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How to Set up Your Hookah at Home – an Easy Guide

Have you been a long time fan of hookah pots, or are you fairly new to the hookah-smoking culture? Have you ever wondered “Where are the best hookah smoke shops near me?” What kind of accessories should a good hookah shop have? Whether you're new to this exciting world, or a seasoned veteran, at Smokey News, [...]

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All-Channel Tobacco Numbers Fluctuate

Cigarette volume deceleration persists while industry maintains firm pricing. At the close of the recent quarter, the tobacco segments remained steady overall, despite deceleration in cigarette volume. A new report from Wells Fargo has revealed the driver of growth in the multiple market divisions, and the report also indicates that some segments are doing better [...]

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10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Longtime readers of this site may be familiar with me as the guy who occasionally shows up to contribute a lot of creepy and weird lists under a silly byline, always using the royal “we” so as to not take full responsibility for the creepy and weird information being presented. They may also notice that [...]

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A Guide to Cigar Cases and Tubes: Metal, Leather, Wood or Carbon?

Cases and tubes obviously serve to transport a few cigars safely in your luggage or in clothing. They are made of leather, wood, metal, carbon, plastic or a combination of these materials and were designed to transport a small number of cigars. When choosing the right case for your purpose, the following criteria should be [...]

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The Most Common Humidor Problems and How to Solve Them

Disappointment when cigars are stored in a humidor is often caused by nonsensical construction of the used product and inadequate use. Here are the most common problems encountered when storing cigars in a humidor and suggestions on how to fix them. Cigars Become Damp Probable causes and their solutions: 1 – Cigars are being stored [...]

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