What Is a Hookah? How to Set It up and Smoke It

What is a hookah? How does one work? How to set it up, and most importantly, how to smoke it? These are all crucial questions for those people who are intrigued by hookahs and want to get acquainted with hookah culture as soon as possible. Also, those smoke aficionados might just want to learn more [...]

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Buying Your First Hookah: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the best hookah to buy, you should consider a few things first, especially if you are only starting out. There are several factors you should check out. First, you need to know where your specific hookah originates from, the different hookah sizes, materials, hose options, and more.  In this guide, [...]

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14 Best Mild Cigars For Casual Smokers

True cigar aficionados often overlook the best mild cigars on the market. Some of the “true cigar fans” will tell beginners that mild brands are only the stepping stones and that there are many more and better options to explore.  And for some beginners, this might even be true. However, there are a lot of [...]

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How High? Comparing Hookah, Vape & Cigar Buzz

Nicotine buzz is something have probably experienced while smoking cigars and cigarettes. The buzz is probably isn’t something new to the seasoned smoker. However, sometimes even they might wonder how the different “smoking methods” compare to each other in terms of this well-known buzz. Is hookah buzz a thing? Is vape buzz more prominent than [...]

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How to Cut a Cigar & Use the Cigar Cutter Like a Pro

Cutting a cigar seems pretty simple enough, but those who have less experience with it can make quite a few mistakes that may even ruin the best, high-end cigars. As such, we here at Smokey News, the leading cigar shop in Fort Lauderdale, only see it logical to help novices master using a cigar cutter [...]

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Be Cool by Doing These 6 Easy Vape Tricks

Although you can do a few tricks with a cigarette, vaping takes it to the next level, letting you perform many more tricks whilst being potentially less harmful to inhale. If you are looking for a vape shop in Fort Lauderdale, we know just the place for getting started with your vape tricks.  Whether you’ve [...]

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How Much Nicotine Is in a Cigarette Compared to Vape?

When looking to quit smoking, you may have often wondered what the best alternatives to cigarettes are. Vapes are one of the best substitutes that you can buy to reduce your nicotine consumption.  If you are looking to find out where’s the best vape shop in Fort Lauderdale, how much nicotine is in a cigarette, [...]

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Top 5 Most Expensive Cigars in The World

When you think of cigars, you may often think of the luxury and prestige associated with them. There are all kinds of different cigars on the market today. But with there being so many, how do you know which ones are the best in a cigar shop? Here, we have made a list of the [...]

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How To Choose A Lighter For A Gift

Whether you choose to carry a lighter or not is a choice you’ll have to make. However, if your friend does and you like the idea of buying one as a gift, then the next big question is what smoking accessories are best to get? You’ll be surprised how many types are currently on the [...]

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