The popularity and demand for quality glass water pipes in Fort Lauderdale have created a new, highly specialized branch of glass blowing. Glass artists are now dedicating their work to the artistic and functional creation of glass water pipes. There are two different types of glass pipes: heady glass and scientific glass. Heady glass embraces the artistic side of glass blowing and artists often produce one-of-a-kind pieces or limited runs. Established artists can have extremely large and loyal followings that pay top dollar to own pieces of their artwork. On the other side of the spectrum, scientific glass is purely focused on producing the best possible smoking experience for the user. Often scientific glass pipes resemble lab equipment like beakers and flasks, which is where it gets its name.

Glass blowing can be traced all the way back to as early as 3000 BC, where ancient Egyptians molded glass from molten sand and other naturally occurring ingredients. Today, the unchallenged godfather of modern glass pipe blowing is a man named Bob Snodgrass. He invented the fuming technique, which is used to coat the inside of the pipe with vaporized silver while he followed the Grateful Dead tour. Since the development of glass pipes, artists, like the legendary Tommy Chong, continue to take up the craft with hopes of leaving their mark on the industry. There are several glass blowing hot spots throughout the country where many people head to learn the time-tested skills and techniques necessary to be successful in glass blowing.

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