Have you ever walked into a smoke shop and stood dumbfounded looking at hundreds of different glass pipes?

The selection of a new pipe can be an overwhelming experience. Trust me.

I remember my first experience. I walked into a corner smoke shop and did my best to give off the perception that it wasn’t my first time buying a pipe. I asked to see a few different glass pipesI held each pipe and looked at them as if I knew some secret process of analyzation.

Finally, after standing there for 30 minutes, I impulsively said I’ll take the blue one. As I walked out, I felt like an idiot. Not only did I waste 30 minutes of my time, but I didn’t even really like the blue glass pipe I chose.

The pipe buying process shouldn’t be like this. I wish I would have been a little more informed on pipes before I entered that smoke shop. So I intend to impart some wisdom on glass pipes and their design to help you with your next pipe buying experience.

There are so many different types of glass pipes that you can choose from, so I’ll try and help you understand glass pipes a little bit better.



Spoon pipes are some of the most popular. They are typically small and sleek in design. They possess a carburetor that allows for more air to be inhaled. The carburetor is usually located towards the front of the piece and is controlled by a finger on the hand that is holding the pipe.

image of: spoon pipe

When the carburetor is covered, all air comes through the bowl where your substance rests. When the finger is released, natural air combines and allows for the smoke to be inhaled quickly. This is a very popular design.

Kona Pipes or Gandalf

Kona Pipes are very unique in design. They look like a pipe Gandalf or Sherlock Holmes would smoke.

image of: kona pipe - gandalf

They have a long neck that connects to a small bowl piece at the bottom. To be honest these are just cool and would serve as a great conversation piece as you smoke.


Chillums are the most basic of glass piece designs. With their simplicity, they are great for on the go use.

image of: chillums pipe

You simply pack your smoking substance into the end, light it, and inhale from the other end. So if you are constantly on the go, this would be a great choice for you.


If you are more particular about the type of smoke you inhale, then bubblers would interest you.

image of: blubbers pipe

Bubblers diffuse the smoke through a chamber full of water before the smoke enters your lungs. By allowing the smoke to be filtered through water, the smoke that enters your lungs is free from tar and resin.


Steamrollers are designed for more the experienced smokers. They have a two-part body. One end acts as the carburetor and helps smokers get a solid rip. The reason it is designed for experienced smokers is because it can produce harsh, hot rips.image of: steamrolloer pipe

Glass pipes offer the purest smoking experience. There are no extra tastes that a wood or other type of pipe would create. Glass pipes are easily cleaned and maintained. A glass pipe has been my choice for years.

See now you are knowledgeable about glass pipes and hopefully, when you enter your next smoke shop you can be deliberate with your decisions. If you are a novice, you might want to start with a chillum and work your way up.