If you are looking for the best hookah to buy, you should consider a few things first, especially if you are only starting out.

There are several factors you should check out. First, you need to know where your specific hookah originates from, the different hookah sizes, materials, hose options, and more. 

In this guide, we will aim to help you find your best option. Apart from that, if you want to know where to buy hookah, you’re at the right place because we can help you with that too.

Where did Hookah Originate from?

Before getting started, let’s mention a few words about its history. The current form of hookah was invented in India in the 15th century when glass manufacturing exploded in the country. The entire hookah culture was swiftly received in Iran, where people used it to smoke a strong but flavorless tobacco type called Ajami. The culture really bloomed during the time of the Ottoman Empire when it became a symbol of excellence, wealth, and power.

Fast forward, your typical modern hookahs are made in China by US-based and other countries. More traditional designs come from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, among other Middl-eEast and Mediterranean countries. 

When looking for the best hookah to buy, you should know that modern options are made on assembly lines while traditional designs are usually hand-made. 

Modern Vs. Traditional

Girl Smokes Hookah and Makes Selfie

When buying a hookah, it’s easy to differentiate between these two types. Modern hookahs tend to be lighter and often use components that are screwed together. You can disassemble these modern hookahs for easier transport and improved ease of use.

Traditional options generally come in larger hookah sizes and are made with heavier materials. Traditional designs also tend to incorporate more materials. Different metal combinations such as stainless steel with either brass or copper are not uncommon. Brass is usually used around the most critical points like the check valve and the hose port. Used in the brazing process, the combination of brass and steel durability to the overall construction.

If you are looking for a modern design, the best hookah to buy might be a model with an improved check valve with a multiple hose system that doesn’t require you to plug the hoses that aren’t in use. 

Needless to say, thanks to the improved production methods, modern hookahs might have ceramic sculptures on them, come in the form of animal figurines, or might be made out of classy materials such as stainless steel. If you are buying a hookah with style in mind, a modern design can be a safe bet.

On that end, traditional hookahs will be a bit different based on their origin. This means that when you learn more about the entire culture, chances are, you will be able to tell where did hookah originate from based on the style alone.

Generally, because traditional, hand-made hookahs are made with more attention to detail, they are the best hookahs to buy for those who want to get a device with better performance overall. 

Still, there are exceptions, meaning that modern designs can also be top-notch, especially the more expensive models.


Some aficionados will tell you that the best hookah to buy in terms of materials is solid brass designs.

These are solid, durable, and heavy pipes that can oxidize but will never corrode. The only backside to them is that they will need regular polishing and maintenance to remain shiny. 

Other fans will state that stainless steel with copper or brass is the best bet when the stainless steel is of good quality. The problem is that some manufacturers might only electroplate the exterior of the nickel leaving the inside vulnerable to oxidization and corrosion.

Hookah Sizes

The best height option will mostly boil down to personal preference. You might think, “I’m buying my first hookah, and large models look frightening,” then you should know that while size might mean more maintenance and care, there are no other significant differences between different hookah sizes.

Those who often travel and want to take their hookah with them will most probably prefer a smaller, travel-size option that’s easy to carry.

Some will prefer a larger unit for home use, something they can conveniently put next to themselves.  

However, experts will argue that the best hookah to buy in terms of performance will be a larger one because larger vases and stems will have more smoke in them. Still, this doesn’t mean that smaller models won’t produce enough smoke when you’re inhaling.

Hose Options

The more, the merrier, right? Well, it depends. There are two different types you can choose from, and here’s what you need to know about them:

Two- or multiple-hose Hookahs

These can be the best hookah options to buy when you want to enjoy the experience with friends. However, multiple-hose options often have poorer performance because all other hose tips need to be plugged in in order for one person to pull smoke from the device. Furtnotaley, this can easily be overcome with rubber stoppers or a built-in check valve system.

Single-hose Hookhas

These are the best hookah to buy if you are solely going for performance. There are no performance sacrifices here, and nobody has to plug their hose tips when you want to pull out smoke.

Inspecting a Hookah in Person

Modern Hookah With Coconut Charcoal for Relax and Shisha Smoke

You may think, “I’m buying my first hookah, and I have no idea what to look for to tell whether it is defective or not.” Fortunately, there are a few things you can check out to make sure you’re parting the store with a solid hookah.

  • Inspect the hookah bowl: look for obstructions in the bowl holes and check out if the bowl opening seals tightly enough. Make sure it fits perfectly without any unnecessary movement.
  • Remove the hose and blow through one while you plug the other end with your thumb. Make sure that there are no air leaks.
  • Check the stem for damage: hold it like a looking glass while you point its opposite end toward a light source.
  • Check the airflow in the rest of the unit. Remove the bowls gasket and the bowl. Cover the top of the hookah stem and such through the hose with a piece of cloth. This way, you will check for air leaks.

If You’re Ready, we’re Waiting!

As you can see, getting started with smoking from a hookah isn’t difficult but has a few things you will need to consider before getting started. Hopefully, this guide helped you in learning more about the things you need to know when buying a new unit, especially if you are just beginning your aficionado journey.

If that’s the case, then we’d be happy to help you. Just give us a visit, and we will carefully listen to all of your concerns, likes, and dislikes. This way, we can recommend to you the best hookah for your needs that will also suit your style. 

Remember, we are your one-stop shop for everything hookah, so visit us in Fort Lauderdale.

If that’s the case, then we’d be happy to help you. Just give us a visit, and we will listen to all of your concerns, likes, and dislikes carefully. This way, we can recommend to you the best hookah for your needs that will also suit your style. 

Remember, we are your one-stop shop for everything hookah, so visit us in Fort Lauderdale.