Vaping vs. Dabbing: Why You Should Care About Heat

Walk around any dry herb festival in the United States and you’ll notice two products popping up all over the place: vaporizers and dab rigs. In many ways, these trends represent two competing directions for the dry herb industry. On one hand, vaporization has blown up as a health trend for dry herb lovers. Most [...]

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How to Spot Fake Cuban Cigars

A Cigar Smoker’s Guide to Avoiding Fake Cohibas Cigars and More One of the questions I’m often asked by other cigar smokers is, “How do I know if I bought a box of fake Cuban cigars?” It’s a good question because, even though on October 14, 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that they had removed the limits on [...]

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Can Cigars Go Stale And Lose Their Flavor?

Yes, they can. As cigars dry out under the duress of improper humidification, they lose the oils that carry the vital flavor elements. When the oils are lost, you can replace the moisture by rehumidifying your cigars, but you can't replace the flavor. Thus, a cigar that hasn't been humidified for long periods (i.e. months) [...]

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2018 E-Cigarettes trends And Predictions: What’s Next For Vape Shops And Vapers?

2017 was something of a landmark year for e-cigarettes. From the technology levels in vape kits to the amount of media coverage and social reputation of e-cigs, to their stock market value, things have been rising faster than a plume of vapor in the night sky. Of course, don’t expect vapers, e-cig manufacturers, or even [...]

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Is There A Limit To How Short You Can Smoke A Cigar?

No, smoke it as long as you like. But take caution. Handmade, premium cigars can be smoked to the very end, if you wish. But you can expect some change in flavor at some point in the smoke. Moisture and tars accumulate near the head of a cigar as you puff. At some moment during the smoke, [...]

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Cigar Culture

I sometimes forget about the origin of cigars. I know that might sound odd. But I’m not saying that I don’t know where a cigar is made—that has become second nature. What I’m talking about is sometimes taking for granted the long arc of history and the incredible nuances of culture linked to premium hand-rolled [...]

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New Study Finds Lungs Safe From Vapes

The stand-by argument of most vape detractors (not only detractors but cautious supporters as well) has always been that not enough is known about the “long-term” effects of vaping on the human body. But, a new study that followed a cohort of vapers and non-vapers over three years has shown that vaping poses little to [...]

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The Most Coveted Cigars Will Never Be Smoked. Here Is Why:

At a time when public places for smoking are disappearing and the anti-tobacco lobby is making it uncool, hand-rolled cigars are being kept aglow by a sizeable pool of avid collectors. United in their taste for hand-crafted Havanas, aficionados see rare, full-bodied specimens as exquisite works of art. Dominique Gyselinck is a devotee. The Belgian [...]

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15 Badasses Who Smoked Cigars

Here are 15 total badasses who loved cigars and the quirky, lung-searing stories behind their smoky obsessions. WINSTON CHURCHILL Winston Churchill is remembered as one of the biggest, baddest badasses of the 20th century. During his stint as Prime Minister of England, he led his country through the most significant military event of their times, all [...]

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