Enhance Your Smoking Experience With Glass Pipes

So, the time has finally come that you want to upgrade the way you enjoy your smoking hobby. You’ve been wanting to purchase a glass pipe for a while and now you are finally ready to take that step! Well, there is some good news and bad news about this decision you have come to. [...]

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Famous Cigar Scenes in Cinema

Unlike cigarettes that have a negative stigma around them, cigars are often associated with sophistication, class, power, and celebration. Cigars and the culture that surrounds them have dominated popular culture for decades and cigar smoking in the movies has always been a way to add a little extra to a scene. Cigar aficionados probably have [...]

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November Music Events in Fort Lauderdale You Should See

The month of November has shaped up to be a great month for music lovers and concertgoers in the Fort Lauderdale area. Here are some of the big name acts coming to town and the surrounding areas over the next few weeks so be sure to check out these Fort Lauderdale concerts. ZZ Top Tuesday [...]

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Fort Lauderdale’s Best Places to Eat

Fort Lauderdale has so much to offer from a vibrant nightlife to many year round outdoor activities. One thing that may not be on the radar is the fantastic restaurant scene that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Fresh seafood, top-notch steakhouses, and cuisine from around the world make up the wonderful food table of the [...]

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3 Life Improvements You Will Notice When You Switch To Vaping

As a two packs per day smoker for more than 15 years of my life, I was a little on the skeptical side when the topic of vaping was brought up. I honestly didn't believe it would help me quit smoking; especially with all the alternatives out there from the gum, to patches, to prescription [...]

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