Be Cool by Doing These 6 Easy Vape Tricks

Although you can do a few tricks with a cigarette, vaping takes it to the next level, letting you perform many more tricks whilst being potentially less harmful to inhale. If you are looking for a vape shop in Fort Lauderdale, we know just the place for getting started with your vape tricks.  Whether you’ve [...]

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From Smoke to Vapor – Dry Herbs, Wax and Oils

In the last few years, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have become ever so popular. It’s hard to go anywhere in public without seeing multiple people puffing on the little handheld devices that are the futuristic alternative to old school smoking. Vaporizers were invented as an alternative to smoking and work by vaporizing the product (dry [...]

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Find Out Which Vapor Mods Are Right For You

With technology in the vaping world always on the move, there is a battle between the mods vapers like to weigh in on with their two cents. The battle is between which is the better purchase, a mech mod or a box mod. I honestly find this a completely unfair battle, because in actuality you’re [...]

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How to Keep Your Vapor Clean

From the time we are young, we are told how important cleanliness is. From showering, brushing your teeth, and always clean your clothes. But why should this philosophy only be held to these scenarios. Anyone who vapes knows that the only thing better than vaping, is having a clean, fresh vape. If you are new [...]

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