As the festive season draws nearer and nearer, we all like to kick back a little, get away from the busy, stressful hustle of everyday life. You know, just to chill a little bit in your favorite chair, listening to songs you like, watching the shows you enjoy. Chatting with family, speaking about all the nice things that happened this year and discussing plans for the future.

Sounds familiar? Oh yes, you know the drill then! However, you can easily up your Holiday game though.

What are we talking about? Christmas cigars, of course!

What we mean is, why not enjoy the festive season with cigars? Why not kick back and relax with your favorite cigar in your hand? Sounds enchanting, right? Just think about it, You with your favorite cigar in your hand, your family members, all sitting together, telling stories, speaking about current events, future plans, and having a really good time? It sound’s awesome, right?

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An interesting history lesson1914 Christmas truce. Two solders light each others Cigars on Christmas day.

The tradition of smoking cigars on Christmas comes from a story about humanity, integrity, and respect. Have you heard the story about the 1914 Christmas truce between the English and the German in the French trenches?

General Walter Congreve from the British forces sent a message to his wife about this rare occasion, in which we find out that the Germans called for a day’s truce. The two sides met up in No Man’s-Land.

In his letter, general Congreve gives us a rather detailed description of the event, writing that both officers and men met up, shook hands and exchanged cigarettes and cigars. The general even mentions that he had the chance to shake hands and to smoke a cigar with the most talented shot in the German army – an eighteen-year-old boy.

Well, you can see from all this, that the holidays and a passion for smoking can easily overcome political and other interests, and can make enemies friends- even for a short amount of time. We believe, that the action of exchanging and sharing cigars by the two sides really did have a deep impact on them even though the battle continued after the truce was over.

Luckily, you don’t have to fight in the trenches. You’re at home, relaxing, surrounded by family. All you have to do is to grab your favorite cigar and lighter, and smoke away! Give us a visit, we can help you out with that!