Cigars can be enjoyed at celebrations, on special occasions, or just kicking it back after a long week. If you’re a novice, It can seem daunting to walk into a cigar shop and find yourself faced with hundreds of options. How do you choose the best stogie for you? 

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Worry not – Smokey News is here for you! We are here to help you choose from the most flavorful cigars. We offer international brands like Cohiba, Ghurka, Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, and many more. Whether you are a tobacco savant or experiencing premium cigars for the first time, we have something for everyone. If you need help with choosing a cigar, our team will assist you.

How to Pick a Good Cigar

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right cigar for you. Let’s break it down. 

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Types of Cigars

You’ll first want to filter out options based on general preference. What body, size, or shape do you prefer? There is no golden formula here. Whatever size or shape you choose is a personal preference.


Just like wine or beer, some cigars are more full-bodied or more mellow. A cigar’s body is the strength of its flavor. Beginners often try a lighter or medium-bodied cigar to start. 

 However, beer preference can often translate into which cigar body you may enjoy. A light beer lover will likely prefer a mellow stogie. Whereas those who prefer a dark stout usually prefer a rich, dark cigar. If you are still unsure which body is right for you, you can purchase a variety pack and do some sampling!


You can measure a cigar in two ways: length and ring gauge (circumference). Ring gauge is measured as 1/64th of an inch. Pricing for cigars is listed based on size by “inches long x gauge.” For example, a 5×50 cigar is 5 inches by 50/64th of an inch in ring gauge. 

Size does not affect the taste or flavor of cigars. A larger-sized cigar does not translate to a bolder flavor. The length determines how long your stogie will last. For many, a 6-inch cigar is typically a one-hour smoke. 

The ring gauge can determine or shed light on how much filler tobacco is in the cigar. For example, higher qualities of cigars are typically wrapped in tobacco leaf. A smaller diameter can mean a better leaf to filler leaf ratio.


The two classes of cigar shapes are parejos and figurados. Parejos are the traditional cylinder-shaped cigar you probably have seen smoked by your grandfather or on the golf course. One end is typically rounded and needs to be cut. The other end is open. You smoke out of the end you cut.

Figurados are an entirely different shape than parejos. You can describe the overall shape as bullet-like. On the closed end, the cigar is tapered into a sharp point. Some cigar aficionados say the smoke with figurados is a bit fuller with its shape. At the same time, some do not notice much of a difference.

All of this information can seem intimidating, especially if you are not even sure what you like. The best way to figure that out is to start trying out different cigars, and Smokey News is here to help you decide! Try mixing and matching the different characteristics to find your perfect smoke!

Use Your Nose When Choosing a Cigar

As you have probably experienced, when you smell food, there is often insight into what it will taste like. We all have experienced that moment of walking into a restaurant and knowing the food will be delicious based on the aromas. The same goes for cigars. Typically, you will want to ask if you can smell the cigar if it is wrapped. 

Hold it close to your nose but not directly touching it. Next, could you give it a whiff? If the smell is appealing to you, chances are you will like its taste too! If there are parts of the scent that turn you off, pass and try out another option.

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Choosing a Cigar Based on Quality

So far, we’ve discussed the essential characteristics of a cigar that we can see or touch. Those attributes are more about preference versus quality.  Both low and high-quality cigars can share some of the visual characteristics. So once you choose a cigar based on preference, it is time to determine if the stogie is of good quality. 

Use the following tips to determine if what you are buying is worth it.

  • It is OK and probably smart to judge a cigar by its cover. That is its wrapper. A smooth and clean wrapper without rips or tears is the perfect example of quality craftsmanship. Gaps or openings signify inferior quality cigars.
  • The cigar should all be the same color. One section of the cigar should not be any darker than the other. It is also essential to choose a cigar without spots. Spotting can signify mold. Cigars are stored in a humid environment, so decay is not unheard of. Scope out a stogie that is uniform in color. 
  • Give the cigar a slight squeeze. Some people like to touch cigars to reveal how firm or tender it is. A softer feel means the cigar is moister. Moist cigars seem tender and burn much better. These types of cigars are often made in humid environments. A great example of more tender cigars is Cuban or Nicaraguan.
  • Listen for a crack when you handle the cigar. Skip it if it feels too dry. If the cigar is more firm, it can mean the cigar is dried out, leading to lousy smoke. It also can be more difficult for the cigar to stay lit. Therefore, your smoke loses flavor and character. That is why people store their cigars in a climate-controlled humidor or wine cellar to avoid making their cigars dry and arid. 
  • Feel for a balanced fill of tobacco. Lightly squeeze the cigar every half-inch to detect any bulges or gaps. If you find any, this can mean the cigar is of low quality because it indicates a poor filling job.

Choosing a Cigar in Fort Lauderdale

Smokey News offers hundreds of cigars in a variety of blends and flavors. The trained staff of experts can help you find the cigar that’s the best fit for you! The shop features a walk-in humidor section for customers to browse.  Our customers have referred to our shop as the best cigar store in Fort Lauderdale! Come in today and find out why for yourself. 

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