Whether you’re celebrating a special event or you just enjoy the taste and smell of a high-quality cigar, knowing how to properly smoke it is essential to getting the maximum enjoyment out of it. This guide is geared towards those who may be new to the wonderful world of cigars or for those who wish to brush up on their cigar smoking techniques. While it may look as simple as lighting it up and inhaling but in fact, smoking cigars can be considered an art that takes a bit of knowledge in order to do it properly.

Choosing a Cigar

The first step to smoking a cigar is choosing the right one. One of the biggest mistakes that cigar rookies will make is selecting the most expensive cigar from the cigar shop. Being new to cigar smoking, it is very likely that you will not be able to distinguish and enjoy all the subtleties and flavors that a premier cigar offers. Also, high price does not always mean high quality. Instead, choose a mid-priced cigar in a size that seems manageable to you. When in doubt, choose a smaller, milder one. Smoking a cigar can be irritating to your mouth if you try smoking a large one on your first go.

Before paying for the cigar, be sure to inspect it. What you should be looking for:

  • Any spots or lumps
  • Discoloration- either the wrapper or tobacco at the end
  • Even, smooth shape
  • Not too firm or soft

All of these defects can severely impact the way that the cigar smokes. Make sure to leave your cigar in the cellophane wrapper if you do not have a humidor because the cigars are likely to dry out within a few days.

Cutting a Cigar

Make sure that you have a cigar cutter because using a knife, your teeth or anything else can damage the cigar and impact how it smokes. A guillotine cigar cutter should be used to cut the cap (rounded end) off and ideally, you should only cut 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch off. Cutting any more than that will just be wasting quality tobacco. Use a firm, quick squeeze of your fingers to get a straight, clean cut.

Lighting a Cigar

While you may think a flame is a flame, in reality, there are only a few acceptable options you should use to light a cigar. Long wood matches or a butane lighter are the ideal choices because anything else may alter the flavor of the cigar. Paper matches, gas lighters, and scented candles can all distort the taste. The part that can be confusing, especially to rookies, is the part that you light versus the part that you put in your mouth. The end with the label that you cut is the end that you put in your mouth. Before lighting the foot of your cigar, you should warm the tobacco over the flame in order to help it light easier. When you are ready to light your cigar, hold the cigar in your lips and the flame in front without touching the tobacco. Inhale just enough to light the cigar. Once lit, you can gently blow on the lit end to make sure that the cigar is lit evenly.

Smoking a Cigar

DO NOT INHALE. Cigar smoke is to be savored in your mouth, not your lungs. Keep the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds then exhale. Rotating the cigar every few puffs is a crucial technique to keep the cigar in good form while burning. Also, after 10-12 puffs, remove the label band.

Enjoying a Cigar

A quality, properly smoked cigar can last between 2-3 hours and depending on the size, even longer. Most people choose to enjoy a beverage with the cigar they are smoking. A well-selected drink can thoroughly enhance your smoking experience by bringing out the flavors of the cigar. Popular choices are port, cognac, bourbon, scotch, red wine and IPA beers. Some even choose to drink coffee-based beverages because they can enhance the flavor of your cigar.

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