To non-smokers, all tobacco products are similar and cigars are just nastier, smellier versions of cigarettes. Smokers know differently however, and while cigarette smoking is an addiction, cigar smoking is a hobby and every aspect of the experience, from choosing cigar accessories to actually smoking a cigar, is to be savored and enjoyed to the full.

For the dedicated cigar smoker, a trip to the local cigar shop is not the same as, say, a trip to the dry-cleaners when you dash in, grab your stuff and go. It is more like a vacation, a time-out from the stress and strain of everyday life, an interlude when you can enjoy the rich aromas of fine tobacco while discussing your passion with like-minded people. It is more about indulging yourself than stocking up on smokes.

At Smokey News, we understand the importance of the rituals involved in cigar smoking, and that includes purchasing cigars. In order to satisfy the demands of the most discerning of our customers, we stock a huge range of premium quality cigars and are constantly striving to find brands worthy of being added to our collection.

But that is not all! As any cigar aficionado knows, no matter the quality of the cigar, if it is not stored correctly it will rapidly become unsmokeable. This often leaves cigar shops with the problem of how to display their wares so that they are accessible to customers while at the same time maintaining their quality. Our walk-in humidor allows us to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity for our collection while allowing you, the customer, to browse through it at a leisurely pace, smelling and testing the firmness of the cigars without constantly waiting for an assistant to open countless cabinets.

Combine this with our expert tobacconists who are ready to answer all your questions and help you to choose the brand most suited to your tastes and the result is a cigar buying experience like no other. So if you are looking for cigars in Ft. Lauderdale, visit us today and see for yourself.