So you consider yourself to be a cigar connoisseur and often enjoy a cigar as part of your daily routine, well why not create a perfect cigar den in your home? With the number of states and cities banning smoking from public establishments, it’s becoming hard to find a place to relax and enjoy one of your favorite cigars.


Whether you want your den to be more of a man cave centered around a TV for sports and movies or just a nice comfy chair to sit and relax or maybe read a book, there is one thing that should be present; proper ventilation. No matter if you decide to have a ventilation system professionally installed or you happen to be pretty hand when it comes to those types of projects, be sure that it is done right. Developing a system to remove the smoke from your den and your home is the first priority. Installing an attic fan in your ceiling is usually the easiest and most effect method of smoke removal. Setting up a simple channel of ductwork to steer the smoke to a vent leading outside is the next step. And finally, before you can start to furnish your cigar den, you need a way to get fresh, clean air into the room, which can be either through AC vents or an open window. That’s really all there is to setting up a ventilation system in your home that will allow you to smoke and enjoy your favorite cigar in the comfort of your own home.

Dress it up

Don’t make a dull cigar den. Furnish it with a wet bar or a giant flat screen TV. Hang some posters from your favorite movies (potentially the ones where the main character is smoking or just looks badass). Also, take care of the lights. Dimmers are great for setting the atmosphere.

Finally, rest in your armchair with your favorite Cuban cigar. Check out Smokey News for the best selection of Fort Lauderdale cigars and knowledgeable staff that would be glad to help you with ideas on crafting your own cigar den as well as picking out a new favorite cigar.