From the time we are young, we are told how important cleanliness is. From showering, brushing your teeth, and always clean your clothes. But why should this philosophy only be held to these scenarios. Anyone who vapes knows that the only thing better than vaping, is having a clean, fresh vape. If you are new to vaping, and don’t want to buy a new vape in a smoke shop, let’s start with the basics, and discuss the techniques to vaporizer cleaning most standard start-up kits.


Starting with the battery, because this is by far the most important piece to the puzzle, make sure there is no obstructions near the connector. This is is area that is commonly overlooked. Overtime, dust build-up can occur, along with juice build up which can ultimately decrease the life of your vapor battery. Use a cotton swab to thoroughly clean these areas until they look like new. If your battery has any other areas that open, make sure you follow the same steps, and get the entire piece clean.


Next, comes the more time consuming part of eCig cleaning: how to clean vapor tank? There are many tanks and atomizers on the market, each that has it’s own steps for cleaning. But the tanks that comes with most eCig starter kits are all pretty similar. First determine if your tank is disposable or not. This is pretty simple, because if it is disposable, it will more or less be all encompassing. If you can take the unit apart, you are on the right track. Remove your coils, and replace them if you think it’s time for new ones. These can be purchased at all eCig retailers, and even some corner stores. Depending on the size of the tank, either use a cotton swab, or small toothbrush, and clean the inside of the tank, removing any juice residue. Make sure to also clean the threads where your coils screw in. This will insure when the new coils are installed, that you will get a solid connection, and the best possible vapor production. Make sure you let the pieces sit, and air dry completely before reassembling or refilling with ejuice.
Cleaning a vaporizer can be just as simple as that. The most common mistake most newcomers to vaping make, is either never cleaning or over cleaning. As important as it is to keep your parts clean, and in good working order, it is possible to over to it. This can weaken or corrode the parts which will decrease the life of your vapor product exponentially.