Nicotine buzz is something have probably experienced while smoking cigars and cigarettes. The buzz is probably isn’t something new to the seasoned smoker. However, sometimes even they might wonder how the different “smoking methods” compare to each other in terms of this well-known buzz. Is hookah buzz a thing? Is vape buzz more prominent than cigar buzz?

This article will strive to give you the answers by comparing these three musketeers in regards to nicotine buzz. On the other hand, if you’re looking to restock your hookah, vape, or cigar supplies, you know which smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale you should visit.

So, let us get started without wasting any more time, shall we?

What is Nicotine Buzz?

Without going into scientific details, let’s just say that the well-known nicotine buzz is the result of a complex chemical reaction. When nicotine gets into the body, it triggers several processes, prompting the brain’s neurotransmitters to release dopamine, a hormone that’s responsible for stimulating a sense of well-being and pleasure. This relaxed state is what people usually refer to as nicotine buzz.

Even thin, a nicotine buzz will slightly be different for everyone. Some users will report lightheadedness and dizziness, while others will even get a bit nauseous from nicotine, This is especially true when it comes to products with a higher-than-average nicotine content (think of strong cigars and high-nicotine content vape cartridges).

About Cigar Buzz

Man Smoking a Cigar

As an aficionado, you have definitely experienced cigar buzz at least a few times. Even though most of us smoke cigars for the taste and the overall experience of the ritual, getting a bit of buzz will often happen too.

However, you’ve also probably noticed that not all cigar buzzes are “created equal.”. As a matter of fact, a lot of factors can influence the buzz you get after smoking a cigar. Most notably, these are the things that will affect your cigar buzz:

  • Nicotine content: While you don’t inhale the smoke from a cigar, the nicotine will still end up in your bloodstream through your palate. Cigars are much stronger than cigarettes, with some brands having varying nicotine contents from 100 to 200 milligrams of nicotine—the higher the nicotine content, the more pronounced the buzz.
  • Your tobacco tolerance: The cigar buzz you’ll get will also depend on your tolerance to the substance. If you’re new to the fine art of smoking or smoking infrequently, chances are, your buzz will be more pronounced when compared to avid smokers. 
  • How fast you smoke the cigar: If you smoke a cigar in a hurry, chances are you can get more than a buzz, as you can even get sick. The purpose of smoking cigars is to savor them slowly, getting a puff in every minute or so. The faster you smoke, the more nicotine gets into your bloodstream, creating a stronger cigar buzz. In some cases, it can even get you nauseous. 

Vape Buzz

Next up, let’s learn a bit more about vaping and vape buzz. 

First question: Can vaping cause the same nicotine buzz as cigars and cigarettes? Well, the answer is, they do, 

E-cigarettes and vape pens use different cartridges that contain several compounds, different chemicals, flavors, and, of course, nicotine. As such, vaping will also get you buzzed the same way you’d get from smoking a cigar or cigarettes. As with the other two, new users will feel that the vape buzz is more pronounced when compared to the experiences of more seasoned users.

More or less, the intensity of a vape buzz depends on the same factors as cigar buzz. The more nicotine a cartridge has, the lower your tobacco tolerance, the faster you smoke the cigar, the buzz becomes more pronounced. Also, if you’re not a frequent vaper, chances are, even a milder vape product will get you buzzed pretty quickly.

On the other hand, experts state that vapers inhale more nicotine than those who smoke cigarettes, and extra-strength cartridge options combined with high-voltage vape pens enable you to get an even more intense “hit.” 

All this translates into a pretty strong vape buzz that can pretty much be compared to a cigar, especially if you use high-voltage pens with high-nicotine cartridges.

Still, your nicotine tolerance will play a role in the intensity of the buzz.

Hookah Buzz

First of all, a hookah won’t get you high, and it has no intoxicating effects whatsoever. If you opt for most modern shisha products, you will find that they mostly contain natural tobacco leaves and artificial or natural flavoring.

Still, you can get a hookah buzz, as most of the shisha flavors will contain nicotine in the mixture. However, the strength of the actual buzz will mostly depend on the nicotine content on the tobacco leaves.

As mentioned before, nicotine is the culprit behind a hookah buzz, but just like in the case of cigars and vape products, the buzz effect will vary depending on different factors.

Hookah Buzz and Shisha Mixture

As disclosed above, the strength of the shisha mixture will play a vital role in the actual strength of the hookah buzz. 

There are different brands available that use low-nicotine leaves (light, blonde leaves), meaning that the buzz from them will also be pretty mild. 

On the other hand, you have various types that favor mixtures with stronger tobacco leaves (or “dark leaf”). The shisha mixture will be higher in nicotine, and thus, the resulting hookah buzz will be more intense.

The same buzz rules apply here as well. Simply put, the more nicotine a mixture has, the more intense the buzz will be. Also, your experience, tobacco tolerance, and smoking speed will affect the intensity of the buzz you get.

Hookah Options

Modern Hookah With Coconut Charcoal for Relax and Shisha Smoke

When it comes to hookah buzz, you can even avoid it, even as a beginner hookah enthusiast. There are many different shisha varieties on the market, and you can choose from a wide range of nicotine-free and tobacco-free options if you don’t want to catch a buzz or simply wish to opt out from consuming tobacco.

The products that are produced without tobacco are usually called “herbal shisha” and most often use fruit pulp or sugar cane instead of tobacco leaves. They are also combined with several flavors (both artificial and natural) like molasses, honey, glycerin, and another flavoring in order to provide a similar experience to standard tobacco shisha.

Hookah vs. Vape vs. Cigar: Who Wins?

As you have probably guessed by now, comparing these products in terms of the actual buzz will be somewhat different for everyone. Simply put, too many things affect the actual intensity of the buzz, and beginners will definitely get a more intense hit when compared to aficionados. 

Even then, it’s safe to say that strong cigars, high-voltage vapes with potent cartridges can deliver a pronounced buzz.

As a matter of fact, try it out for yourself: simply give us a visit, and we will hook you up with all the gear you need.