For all of you out there who are competitive vaping enthusiasts, but don’t really know all the juicy details about this relatively new sport, you are in for a smoky treat.

The art of vaping hasn’t been around for too long, but already it has become a sport. Cloud chasing is a phrase that describes upgrading your vape rig setup so it is designed specifically to produce enormous vapor plumes.

It is also called sub-ohm vaping, stunt vaping, or extreme vaping.

How and Where Cloud Chasing Started?

Actually, the origins of sub-ohm vaping are not exactly clear. According to some sources, it all started somewhere in the West Coast, but there are too few hard pieces of evidence to back this up. All we know is: first there was regular vaping, and then someone saw an opportunity to turn it into a sport (as you do) and thus cloud chasing was born.

Cloud Chasing as Competitive Sport

Not that long ago, vaping was nothing more than a fun alternative to smoking real cigarettes. Now, it is a full-fledged sports discipline, with endorsement deals and sponsorships, in which you can earn some serious money.

And this is not just the case in the USA. There are competitive vaping tournaments all across the globe where cloud chasers gather to see who will manage to create the thickest and biggest vapor cloud. As it is the case with almost any other sport out there, it is not all about the skill. There’s something in the equipment, too!

As you would imagine, prizes are either in the form of expensive and quality smoking accessories or thousands of dollars in cash, and it has only begun to gain traction.  


How to Turn from an Amateur into a Pro

Since this is a pretty fresh sport, it is not far-fetched that you can become the next champion. After all, each and every successful professional athlete (in any sport) was an amateur when they were just starting out. So, if you are into vaping and you think you have what it takes to become a pro, we say – go for it!

However, before you do take up sub-ohm vaping and start building your own rig, we suggest you inform yourself about this sport.

First, find the answer to the following questions:

  • How vaping rigs work?
  • What are watts and ohms?
  • What type of equipment do you need for cloud chasing?
  • What kind of mods does it require?

Make sure you master all this stuff before you start chasing sub-ohm clouds and be sure you are aware of all the risks involved, especially if you choose to go even below sub-ohm tanks.

Where to look for if you are going for Gold

For who think they already have what it takes to become cloud chasing champions, here are two most prominent professional tournaments:

  • The International Cloud Championships (takes place in Southern California)
  • The World Series of Vaping (this competition changes venues each year). This event is also a commercial vaping convention

If, however, you are looking for cloud chasing competitions of smaller scale first, we suggest you do a thorough research as there might just be one in your region. Vaping has become so popular over the past 5 years or so, various competitions are popping up all over the states and countries.

In these tournaments, vapor clouds are judged on:

  1. Technique
  2. Length
  3. Durability
  4. Originality

So, there you have it, folks. Vape away!

What are your thoughts on competitive vaping? Feel free to comment below. For more articles like this one, visit Smokey News!