Smoking is a refined hobby. Anyone who enjoys smoking cigars knows it can often even turn into a philosophy. Of course, everyone has a different taste in, well, everything: music, food, beverages, design… but one thing is certain – premium usually IS the best choice.

This is especially true for cigars.

Regardless of whether you are an everyday smoker, or you light up your cigar every once in a while, opting for quality has always been the main policy here, at Smokey News.

Spending some extra money on a premium smoke shouldn’t be an issue for a true cigar aficionado, and the difference in taste between a premium cigar and an inexpensive one is detectable right from the first drag. It’s all about which raw materials have been used in the making of a cigar, and who is doing the rolling.

Now, we are all aware of the reputation some premium cigars possess, but sometimes it’s all about that balance between the overall quality and the price. Though Cuban Cohiba is in some instances 10 to 15 times more expensive than its Dominican counterpart, the difference in taste and the overall quality is present, but not as much as one would assume.

So, let’s compare these two and see why and how you can be saving thousands of dollars on a monthly basis should you decide to go with the Dominican Cohiba!

Cuban Cohiba vs. Dominican Cohiba: The Comparison

Although the Cuban Cohiba is perhaps a more favorite brand, the Dominican Cohiba is definitely a worthy opponent. It has an incredible flavor that is perfect for those who don’t like cigars that are too strong by default. It provides an all-around premium smoking experience from the very first draw. The design, the quality of the wrapper, and the overall construction are sublime, while the burn is practically incomparable in this price range.

Right off the bat, you can see that both cigars are well made. To an untrained eye, it is almost impossible to tell which cigar is more expensive. Most people prefer the design and structure of the Dominican Cohiba, but both brands did an amazing job when it comes to the looks of their products.

As for the taste, both cigars offer amazing blends, but if you are among those who prefer the mild-bodied flavor, we recommend going with the Dominican. The full-bodied taste of the Cuban is much bolder, which means that smoothness doesn’t really exist in their dictionary.

As for the Dominican Cohiba, the taste was perfectly tailored to our liking. This cigar manages to maintain the optimal strength and keep the blandness at bay, while still falling into the mild-strength/subtle-body category.

Cuban Cohiba vs. Dominican Cohiba: The Verdict

For those who seek the perfect balance of flavor, strength, design, overall quality, and affordability, we at Smokey News strongly suggest you try the Dominican Cohiba. What is more, most experts claim that the only real difference between the two cigars is where they are rolled.

The quality of the tobacco in both Cuban and Dominican is of premium quality, and it is just the matter of sheer reputation generated during the 90’s that has managed to put the Cuban on the marketing pedestal.

So, if you are looking for a perfect alternative to the praised Cuban cigar, you should definitely go with the Dominican Cohiba.

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