Cutting a cigar seems pretty simple enough, but those who have less experience with it can make quite a few mistakes that may even ruin the best, high-end cigars. As such, we here at Smokey News, the leading cigar shop in Fort Lauderdale, only see it logical to help novices master using a cigar cutter like a pro.

The Importance of Cigar Cutting

You can use a cigar cutter in several ways. Still, the most important thing will be to use it correctly, without ruining the cigar. Knowing where to cut a cigar is crucial since if it’s done wrong, the taste can diminish, possibly running the entire experience. Plus, a poor cut can ruin the wrapper, fully unraveling it!

On the other hand, if you don’t really know how to cut a cigar, you can sabotage your own ability to draw from it properly, which can ruin the experience.

For most aficionados, using the best cigar cutter to cut the cigar is a part of the entire “ritual.” And in order to create your own little ritual, knowing how to make a smooth cut is crucial.

Cigar Cutter and Cut Types 

Cigar Cutter in Use

Cigar culture thrives on variety. Apart from having countless great cigar brands to choose from, enthusiasts can also get the best cigar cutter that meets their taste and requirements. There are quite a few ways to cut a cigar as well, creating the entire experience even more unique for everyone.

As such, here are the most popular cutter types:

  • Straight Cutter or Guillotine Cutter: This is the most straightforward cigar cutter. You only have to slot the cigar through the hole and squeeze the single-blade straight cutter to make a clean cut. For some, these simple accessories are the best cigar cutters. Guillotine-style cutters can also come with double blades helping you deliver an even cleaner cut helping you avoid tearing the wrapper.
  • Punch-Cutters: How to cut a cigar with a punch cutter? Simple, they punch a hole at the end of the cigar without removing the cap. This is a different cut type, which can eliminate the problem of loose filler or tobacco from falling out of the cigar while you’re smoking it. Some say that these are the best cigar cutters as they are easier to use. However, they don’t work really well with smaller-gauge cigars because they might be too thin for the cutting tool to actually function on them.
  • V-Cutter: Similarly to punch-cutters, these also don’t cut off the entire end. V-cutters make a small slice on the cigar tip, creating a small but more focused V-shaped cut. Some aficionados prefer them because they also leave more of the actual cigar intact, reducing the problems with loose fillers and tobacco. The only problem is, drawing ability is somewhat compromised. The problem can be simply fixed by creating a larger “notch,” but if you make an overly deep cut, the draw will be too much, making the cigar burn a lot hotter than originally intended.
  • Cigar Scissors: Special cigar scissors are the obvious choice for those who want to make their “ritual” a stylish experience. However, only if you use high-quality stainless steel options, which you keep as sharp as possible. Going with a lower-quality blade or not maintaining your scissors properly can lead to poor cuts, torn wrappers, and an overall less pleasant smoking experience.

How to Cut a Cigar: Step-by-Step Guide

This is everything you need to learn to cut a cigar like a pro:

Locating the Cigar Cap

Where to cut a cigar? The cap is the end piece, and you should focus your cut on this area. Usually, it’s glued together a bit to support the wrapper in holding the entire cigar together. You only want to cut off the cap area as any larger cut than that can ruin the wrapper and your smoking experience. 

Identifying the cap is often pretty obvious. It’s the rounded part of the leaf. Make a shallower cut and leave a little bit of the cap on, as it can help you keep the wrapper and the cigar together.

Moistening the Cap

Some enthusiasts just use the cigar cutter and go right into cutting. However, some pros use their mouths to moisten the cap a bit before cutting. It’s not a crucial move, but it can help you make a somewhat smoother cut when the leaf is overly dry. Too dry leaves can prevent you from making a clean cut even with the best cigar cutter on the market.

Cutting the Cigar

Now that you know where to cut a cigar, it’s actually time to cut it. It might seem simple on paper but it does require some skill. The truth is, whenever you’re slicing the cigar, you are a single movement away from the perfect cut. Most experts will advise that leaving a tiny bit of the cap on confidently cutting the cigar with your preferred tool is the best way to go about it. 

If you fail at first, don’t sweat it. Learning how to cut a cigar takes a bit of time, and you simply need to gain experience by doing it over and over again to develop the “feel,”

And when that happens, you will be able to make the cleanest cuts on every type of cigar.

Also, take your time and give each cigar cutter type a try to find out what works best for you.

Additional Tips

Elegant Man Wearing Suit and White Shirt Cutting Cuban Cigar

Here are some pro tips for the perfect cut:

Cutting Swiftly

Don’t be hesitant. Make a confident and swift cut. Doing it hesitantly and re-centering the blade will most probably lead to torn and pulled wrappers. 

Even then, unraveling the cigar isn’t a huge problem, but it can cause a bit of annoyance.

Don’t Cut Too Deep

Where to cut a cigar? As we’ve discussed, you need to find the sweet spot where you’ve gone past the angle of the endcap enabling you to draw properly from the cigar but not too deep to go well into the wrapper.

This will be a bit different for each cigar brand, so it might require some getting used to.

Don’t Bite off The Head

The cigar bite certainly looks impressive in movies but in real life, it’s bad etiquette. It’s also an imprecise method to cut the cigar. Some aficionados will even go ahead and say that you’d be better off cutting the cigar with a knife than biting off the head. You tear the wrapper and destroy a large chunk of the cigar, leaving you with a tobacco-filled mouth in the process.

Sharpen Your Cutter Regularly

A dull cigar cutter will never enable you to make a clean cut. When the blade starts to wear down, try sharpening it or replacing it if needed. No matter which route you take, avoid using a dull cutter whenever you can.

Need Help? We’re Here.

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