Smoking and cardio definitely don’t go hand in hand, but what about vaping? If you picked up on this latest trend or you’re thinking about making the switch from smoking regular cigarettes, you’re probably wondering how does vaping and running mix together? 

Today we’re going to discuss a topic that’s been very much in demand lately as more and more people get into fitness but are not so eager to give up their smoking habit. Here’s our take on why you should consider vaping instead of smoking if you’re looking to get fit.

Vaping and Cardio Vs. Vaping and Smoking

While no one is entirely sure how vaping affects your health, some studies have proven than E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than the conventional consumption of tobacco. However, figuring out the exact impact of vaping on cardio is not an easy task, mainly because we are dealing with a limited amount of information as vaping is still quite in its infant stage. 

Nevertheless, avid vapers and other alike have been reporting a significant increase in their performance ever since they made the switch from smoking a pack of Marlboro’s a day to vaping their favorite e-juices. People who indulge in running, swimming, cycling, or any other form of cardio have reported that their performance has improved. Not only that, but they also mentioned that they are gaining progress at a more rapid pace. 


Now, we wouldn’t necessarily make the assumption that vaping and exercise exist together in perfect harmony. Ideally, you would quit your smoking habit entirely if you’re aspiring to become a serious athlete. That being said, we think it’s more due to the fact that smoking affects your cardiovascular fitness more than vaping does. 

Let’s go through some of the adverse effects of smoking:

  • Smoking cigarettes can cause constriction of the arteries and prevent blood cells from getting to the most vital parts of your body. Both your muscles and organs will receive a significantly lesser amount of blood cells, therefore limiting your performance during a workout.
  • Smoking also increases your blood pressure and speeds up your heart rate due to the fact that your heart needs to compensate for your clogged blood vessels. 
  • By smoking, you also increase the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen, which in turn means less oxygen reaches your muscles and further hindering your performance.
  • Finally, smoking directly impacts the capacity of your lungs due to exposing them to tar and other harmful chemicals.

Now, we didn’t go over all the ways smoking can affect your fitness and have a negative impact on your cardio performance. However, the ones we did mention are not present in vaping. For example, vaping liquids do not contain the same harmful components as cigarettes do. 

When vaping, you are not exposing your body to chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. Also, while there is no real evidence, it’s still safe to say that long-term side effects of vaping are milder than those of smoking conventional cigarettes. All in all, we would say that vaping and working out makes more sense and is a better option if you’re looking to improve your overall fitness. Have you been exercising and vaping at the same time? Tell us about it in the comments below. Looking to make the switch? Then make sure to check out our huge selection of vaping devices in Fort Lauderdale, accessories, and top-notch liquids. For more related news, keep up with our blog.