• Dominican Cohiba vs. Cuban Cohiba

Dominican Cohiba vs. Cuban Cohiba

One of my cigar smoking philosophies is, if you’re not going to be an everyday smoker, when you light up, spend some money and buy a premium smoke. One thing I have learned from some true cigar aficionados is the difference between an expensive and an inexpensive cigar is simply the cost of the raw materials and the salaries of the rollers. With that being said, one of my favorite cigars is the Dominican Cohiba.

The Dominican Cohiba has an incredible flavor that isn’t over powering. Between the draw, the look of the wrapper, the burn and more importantly, the construction is a thing of perfection. I’ve never come across a Cohiba that didn’t smoke well so I decided to put the Dominican Cohiba to the ultimate test; compare it to a Cuban Cohiba. So, I’m in the Caribbean and I buy a Cuban Cohiba and with me is my Dominican Cohiba and I start to compare. Both cigars were well made. The Cuban Cohiba cigar has a few more blemishes but for the most part, both looked good. I decided to smoke the Cuban first as the reputation Cuban cigars have got the best of me. I immediately noticed that the taste had hints of pepper and was significantly bolder than the Dominican Cohiba I was accustomed to. I soon realized that while it was overall pleasant, I much prefer a smoother, mild-bodied cigar. The next day I smoked the Dominican Cohiba and to my liking, the taste, like always, was a perfect match to my strength preferences. It held its mild strength but had subtle body that kept it from being too bland. I concluded that, for me, the Dominican Cohiba is a better fit. So, I guess what they say about Cuban cigars doesn’t always hold true, sometimes a good Dominican will do the trick.



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