If you are new to vaping, or know someone close to you that is getting in the habit of vaping; it is very easily to be scared by the mass amounts of misinformation that is out there on the subject. Everyone has their own opinions on the matter, but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, what you should be basing your opinions on, is cold, hard fact. Over the years since the eCig industry has had it’s boom, there have been a plethora of medical studies done on the issue. Some of these studies might surprise you, if you’ve only been reading the negative news out there.

As I mentioned, many studies have been performed of the years. One such study was conducted at the Roswell Park Cancer Park to test the level of toxic chemicals in an assortment of different eCig shop brands, in comparison to cigarettes and even a medical nicotine inhaler. The results showed that yes, even though the eCigs did contain some amounts of toxins in them, they ranged anywhere from 9 times lower, to even 450 times lower than the average cigarette. Some of these brands even tested at levels as low as the medical inhaler.

Other studies have focused on the effects of eCigarettes on the body. Testing the lungs, heart, and other key areas. Researchers at the University of Athens held a study, where they were testing to airway restrictions to the lungs. They tested the participants before the testing began, to get a base point on airway restriction, then they had them use an eCig for approximately 10 minutes, and tested them again. In all the cases, the usage of the eCig decreased the amount of restriction in the airways, and it lasted for 10-20 minutes in some of the participants. On the flip side to the test, the participants who were using the traditional cigarette, showed no decrease in airway restriction; in some cases even showing an increase in restriction.

Like anything, further research is needed, and it’s not known if vapor cigarette health risks will ever be proven as “healthy”. But with the vast array of studies out there, I think it is fairly safe to say, that if you have been a smoker for many years, this is a safer alternative. When doctors are suggesting to people that this switch to these, they aren’t saying it’s safe or healthy. They are simply suggesting that it is a safer method to get your nicotine craving if you are not ready to quit just yet.