The Ego Vape pen is one of the best options when it comes to e-cigarettes and vape pens currently on the market. If you want a quality product that won’t turn out to be a waste of money, we at Smokey News recommend purchasing an ego vape pen kit, it will make your vaping experience enjoyable and as carefree as possible.  

What Comes With The Ego Vape Pen Starter Kit?

These are usually all-inclusive kits that include all the main components necessary for your future vaping endeavors. The package usually includes:

  • A vape pen
  • a USB charger
  • a wall adapter
  • battery
  • a case
  • a bottle of e-juice
  • instructions

NOTE: Some manufacturers include e-juice bottles that contain nicotine, so if you want a nicotine-free e-liquid, make sure you pay attention to what you’re purchasing.

The ego vape pen itself consists of two main parts:

  1. the clearomizer (which is composed of two parts: the atomizer and the mouthpiece)
  2. the battery

The mouthpiece is usually removable for cleaning purposes and if it needs replacement due to damage.

How To Use Ego Vape Pen

1. Charge Your Battery

Mount the battery onto the USB charger and plug it in. Look closely at the blue light on the battery’s button as it should flash three times, while LED on the very charger should turn either red or green. If it goes red, it means the battery is empty and you should leave it to charge until the light turns green. Should the LED turn green as soon as you plug the charger in, it means your battery is already fully charged.

TIP: Always read the manual first and pay attention to each piece of information about the battery safety, and make sure you don’t leave the battery and the charger plugged in for longer than necessary.

2. ‘Charge’ Your Clearomizer As Well

Remove the metal part at the bottom of the clearomizer by unscrewing it. Notice that this fragment has the coil that is screwed into this section, make sure it is not loose. If it is loose, screw it tightly into the base. Now it is time to place your e-liquid in by holding the tank upside-down and squeezing the bottle in carefully. NOTE: Try not to get your e-liquid into the chimney – the metal tube placed in the middle of the tank.

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3. Prime The Coil

After the tank has been filled, it is time for the “priming” of the coil. Put the metal base back on, place it upright and leave it to sit for several minutes. This step is crucial since it prepares the coil for its first soaking up of e-liquid and it is done just once before you use your ego vape pen for the first time.

Should you skip this step and start vaping without priming, the coil might burn out and you will have to get another one.

4. Vape!

Once your clearomizer is ready and you’ve left your tank to sit for several minutes, it is time to finally mount it back onto your battery and you’re good to go! Now it is time to enjoy your new ego vape pen by inhaling gently from the mouthpiece while holding the button on your battery down.

Now that you know how to use an ego vape pen, you can check out what Smokey News has to offer when it comes to this amazing vaping product. See for yourself why we are the number one smoke and vape shop in Fort Lauderdale!