Do you enjoy smoking high-quality tobacco in your leisure time or have the desire to grow your knowledge of the pleasurable pastime and share it with others? Ever thought of trying your hand at a career in the tobacco industry? Maybe a career as a tobacconist would cultivate your passion and desire to learn all about the item you enjoy. A tobacconist is a specialist in pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco and all tobacco supplies. Every tobacco shop that is worth anything will have highly knowledgeable tobacconists on staff to assist customers with all their questions and needs.

While there are no federal or state licenses required for becoming a tobacconist, most tobacconist today have been around the business for so long and just absorbed the knowledge from working in the industry. However, to get an edge in the industry, there are some online certifications you can get to expedite the process of becoming an expert like, Certified Consumer Tobacconist, Certified Retail Tobacconist, Certified Salesforce Tobacconist, and Certified Master Tobacconist.

You’ll become a knowledgeable expert in all types of smoking tobacco like Sutliff Tobacco, Captain Black, Starbuzz Tobacco, Voodoo Hookah, and Mark Baren Tobacco.

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