With technology in the vaping world always on the move, there is a battle between the mods vapers like to weigh in on with their two cents. The battle is between which is the better purchase, a mech mod or a box mod. I honestly find this a completely unfair battle, because in actuality you’re comparing apples to oranges, but for the sake or argument let weigh in on the topic at its core. What are the details setting these smoking accessories apart? And what is the right purchase for you? These are the questions we’re going to try to answer for you in helping you make the most appropriate purchase for yourself.

Mech mods are usually the first step people make when they have outgrown their starter kits or other “pen” style vapes. They are a great door to open, because it’s pure, unregulated power; but with this, comes some things you really need to know. Like any vaper will tell you, you need to be mindful of what you are building. These devices are usually pretty small and reasonably lightweight, so there’s no problem with carrying them around with you during your everyday life. 90% of all these devices fire using a push button, located on the bottom of the device.

This might be a little unusual to get used to at first, but most get comfortable with it pretty quickly. With this, you always want to make sure you have the button locked, with the locking ring that is designed into most of these devices. This will prevent the mod from firing when you set it down, or place in a purse or pocket. However, some devices don’t have a locking feature. So you’ll need to be careful because auto-fires can lead to extreme heat and potential explosions in worst case scenarios. The plus side to these devices is they’re usually relatively cheap to purchase unless you aren’t buying authentic mods, meaning the mods from the original maker. You can get most mod clones for anywhere between $30-$80. Not too bad on the pocketbook.

Box mods, on the other hand, are much more convenient for the consumer. Most are regulated, which means you have more leniency on your builds because it electronically controls what is going on and will prevent any mishaps. You can also find unregulated box mods or mech box mods, in which you’ll have to take the same precautions as with the previously discussed mech mods. The part that usually turns a lot of newbie vapers away from these devices, is the price point. They can run you anywhere from $90-$250. Sure you can find some cheaper, but they don’t have what most people are looking for from a box, and that is power.  

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours. Neither is better than the other in my humble opinion, they’re just different. I personally own both, so I’m a firm believer you’ll be happy with either choice. So please, choose carefully and always be safe when it comes to vaping. It should be an enjoyable experience, not a scary one.