In the smoking industry today, there are an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to glass pipes. From truly unique artistic pieces from well-known artists to cutting-edge scientific pipes that truly enhance the smoking experience, there are countless choices to choose from. Whether you are interested in smoking tobacco or dry herbs, finding the perfect glass pipe for your use and style is very important. Glass pipes are by far the best material users can choose to smoke from because they do not impact the taste of the smoke, unlike wood or clay might. Hand pipes to chillums to bubblers, each style of pipe is geared towards a specific type of smoking and each one has different pros and cons that come with it. Perhaps the best style of pipe that one can choose is a bubbler or water pipe. Novices and experienced users both enjoy using these pipes because of a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Using a Glass Bubbler or Water Pipes

  • The harsh taste of tar and resin is filtered out as the smoke is diffused through the water before being inhaled. The term “bubbler” comes from the water being bubbled to allow the smoke to be filtered through.
  • Cold water is commonly used to create a fresh, crisp taste. Also, cooling the smoke to enhance the smoking experience because repeated use of hot smoke can be irritating or cause burns.
  • The glass does not conduct heat as fast making them easier to handle over a smoking session.
  • Novice friendly- being diffused through the water makes the smoke smoother and less irritating than a traditional cigarette or cigar.
  • Experienced users desire the taste of the freshly diffused smoke.
  • Glass pipes are easily cleaned compared to other materials.
  • Users can express their own unique style through the type of pipe that they choose.

There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for,” and that holds true especially when it comes to types of pipes. Glass pipes are usually on the higher end of the price range but you get quality and a better experience from choosing glass. The other downside, aside from price, that is important to take into consideration is that glass is fragile and irreplaceable. But they require the same handling and care that you would use for a drinking glass so many don’t view this as a true downside to glass pipes.

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