In the last few years, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have become ever so popular. It’s hard to go anywhere in public without seeing multiple people puffing on the little handheld devices that are the futuristic alternative to old school smoking. Vaporizers were invented as an alternative to smoking and work by vaporizing the product (dry herb, wax or oil) at a high temperature, just before the product burns. This process allows the user to inhale the pure product vapor. With new forms of products that can be vaporized, it’s important to know the process behind vaping each type whether it’s dry herb, wax or oil concentrates.

The Temperature

Now that we know that the product must reach a critical temperature in order to vaporize but not burn, each type of vaporizer has unique way to make that happen. Dry herbs typically begin to vaporize around 345 degrees. Now when it comes to vaporizing pens and other devices that were developed for concentrates (oils) they utilize a heating coil that comes in direct contact with the product to produce the vapor for the user. The issue with these types of pens is that the heating coil directly touches the dry herbs, which results in burning, not vaporizing and then the pen literally becomes an electric pipe instead of a true vaporizer.

Dry Herb Innovations

In the last couple of years, Atmos has developed a couple of vaporizing pens that work strictly with dry herbs (not oils or waxes) since the market is just beginning to grow for dry herb vaporizing. There are a few companies that market vaporizing pens that can work for all three products, but the catch is that they use different attachments depending upon the product used and most likely use the same heating coil that burns rather than vaporizes the dry herbs. The pens that are used strictly for dry herbs use a ceramic heating chamber, which eliminates the need for the heating coil to be in direct contact with the product.

It will take some research and experimenting with the different types of products to vaporize before you find the product and method that suits you best. The best Fort Lauderdale vaporizer smoke shop is Smokey News to find all the latest smoke and vapor products and information. Be sure to check them out at their website at