Glass pipes cater our smoking experience to the arts. Not only are the pieces individually inspiring in a way that perplexes our imagination, but they cater to our desired smoking experience. Adding glass to the mix of your smoking kit indulges your artistic side and makes the habit that much more beautiful. Let’s learn more about these pretty little gems.

How are they made?

Believe it or not, each pipe is hand crafted to a smoker’s liking. Artisans make each pipe in a fit uniqueness. Some are made through glass blowing, where the glass is blown into a large bubble and within an applied pattern. The glass is then collapsed into the respectively shaped form. Others are made entirely by hand or spun on a glass lathes. Pipes are colored by adding heat or rolling hot glass into colored powder that gets melted into the whole piece. To get the most color, the rolling takes place several times, which is why most colored pipes have the layered, weaved look.

What are the types?

Here are the most basic pipes:

  • Chillum
    • Chillums are hand pipes that look like a small tube. They are generally used for on the go or a very light smoker.
  • Spoon
    • A spoon is like a chillum with a carburetor which allows air to be drawn in.
  • Steamroller
    • Steamrollers are for more experienced smokers as their two-part body requires a bit of testing to avoid hot hits.
  • Gandalf
    • A Gandalf is the classic literary pipe. Gandalf has a large bowl at the bottom and an arching stem that reaches to the mouth.
  • Bubbler
    • The bubbler is a water pipe, meaning it diffuses the smoke through water before it hits the user’s mouth. This rids the smoke of tar and resin. Either hot or cold water can be used – each produces a distinct experience.

What are the perks?

Using a glass tobacco pipe in Fort Lauderdale eliminates any additional taste that other smoking pieces might provide. For example, clay and wood produce their own flavor as the smoker draws air through the pipe. Although their flavors are distinct and rich, tobacco and herb are now made with their own delectable tastes. Glass has to be cleaned, but it’s easy to clean and doesn’t cause an additional mess. Smoking becomes more fluid and convenient without the need to finish a bowl right away or pack a certain amount of tobacco at once.

From glass cigarettes to a tobacco glass pipe, it’s in your inner artisan to seek glass pipes out for your smoking experience. Choose amongst the many colors and designs available and enjoy making your experience the smoothest, most personal possible.