One day, we’ll live in a world in a world where it is widely accepted and commonly known that hookah is not an unsafe activity. One of the biggest issues with the flawed perception that hookah is not healthy and safe to condone is the manner in which it is smoked. How a consumer smokes and how often, plays a massive role on the effects it can have on that person.

Hookah is commonly charged with providing more smoke than cigarettes. Well, let’s be smart about this allegation. Hookah has the potential to provide more smoke, but rarely does a user drag so much out of it. That would require a lot of lung capacity, time and effort.

Hookah is a social event. It’s rare that only one person is smoking the hookah. Rather, it’s being inhaled by multiple people over long periods of time. Usually, it’s only indulged in 1-2/week, maybe even less.

Like the point above, Hookah is social. It isn’t a fast-paced, adrenaline seeking gathering; it’s laid back and doesn’t encourage overindulgence.

Hookah provides a low-key effect. You don’t need more than a couple of drags to experience what hookah has to offer. There’s no impulse to take big drags or more drags.

Hookah does not require nicotine, which where the potent chemicals (over 400) of cigarettes are found. The chemicals found in the hookah smoking process are actually from the charcoal used to heat the stones, not from the tobacco.

As you can see, there are many pros to hookah and if practiced correctly, it isn’t unsafe at all. Even the best hookah shops, bars and brands continue to take hits as misinformed content swarms the web. Get the facts for yourself, make calculated opinions and be smart in your decisions. Here are some tips for safe hookah smoking:

  • Be social. Staying social can reduce anxiety and the need to overindulge in substances
  • Don’t be a chain smoker. Overindulging in the inhalation of smoke is a poor health decision and you will feel the negative effects of it.
  • Use steam stones. This further drops the possibility of chemical inhalation and provides a smoother, cleaner hookah experience.
  • As always, monitor yourself! If you feel like you’re craving hookah too often or feeling guilty about an over indulgence, back off. Take a break and come back to it in small doses.