Hookah Shop in Fort Lauderdale

Smokey News is a Hookah Tobacco and Water Pipe shop in Fort Lauderdale. At Smokey News, we understand the wide range of customers looking for hookahs, shisha, hookah charcoal, and hookah accessories and we address this needs with a vast inventory of high quality imported Hookahs and Water Pipe products from brands like Fantasia, Hydro Herbal, Jewels, Sahara Hookah, Social Smoke, and Starbuzz to mention a few.

We pride ourselves in the variety and quality of the hookah Fort Lauderdale range and Water Pipe products we sell. We want to be your one-stop hookah shop for all of your hookah tobacco and accessories in the Fort Lauderdale area. To accomplish this, we offer the widest variety of high-quality hookahs, water pipes and accessories in the Fort Lauderdale and Broward. Our philosophy is based on a customer satisfaction policy. This means connecting each customer to the Hookahs and Water Pipe product they want, at the most affordable price. We pride ourselves on enhancing the hookah experience for each customer by offering the newest and most innovative products and accessories.