Are you looking to try a new method of consuming tobacco? What about a centuries-old method that’s packed with flavor and tradition? 

Smoking a hookah is definitely not new, it just wasn’t as popular in western culture as it was in countries like India, Turkey, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East. That being said, hookah smoking has seen a massive increase in popularity here in the US, without any signs of going away any time soon. For all smoking enthusiasts looking to pick up a new hobby, we compiled a simple list of tips for hookah smoking. Read on and find out how to properly use this pipe-like device.

Hookah for Beginners

As hookah bars become more frequent, more people will want to start exploring the wonderful world of consuming flavored tobacco, so, having the right information will be crucial for them to have an enjoyable first-time experience. We at Smokey News enjoy all methods of consuming tobacco equally – both new and old. Smoking through a hookah has been around since the 15th century, so it definitely falls into the latter category. Nevertheless, a small percentage of smokers knows how to use it properly. 

So what exactly is a hookah, and how do you use it?

The easiest way to describe a hookah is to call it a large water pipe. The first-ever recorded use of a Hookah was in India, where it was the most common method of smoking tobacco. At first glance, this waterpipe type of apparatus might look complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to use, and it’s made of a few essential parts that are responsible for delivering a unique smoking experience. 

The main parts of a Hookah are:

  • Bowl
  • Stem
  • Base
  • Hose
  • Mouthpiece

hookah bowl

The bowl holds the flavored tobacco and is most commonly made of ceramic. It sits on top of the stem, which is the main section of the hookah. The stem is responsible for transferring the air from the bowl to the base and back to the hose. The base holds the entire contraption in place and contains water that cools down the smoke.

The base is usually made of glass and can feature many different designs. This is where manufacturers usually express their creative side and experiment with colors and patterns. The hose is connected to the stem and allows you to inhale the smoke but not before you put a mouthpiece on top of it.

Preparing for a Smoking Session

Before you start packing your bowl, make sure you have a quick meal and something to drink. People that don’t have a lot of experience in using this type of device might feel dizzy and nauseous if they decide to smoke on an empty stomach. 

Packing a bowl with shisha is a simple process but one you should pay special attention to. If a bowl is not packed correctly, chances are your smoking session won’t be a pleasant one. Make sure to place the shisha loosely and avoid pressing it down. Take a toothpick or a similar item and move the tobacco around the bowl to make sure it fluffy and lays evenly. Packing your bowl in such a way will allow the heat and air to get around the tobacco and burn more efficiently.

Take some tinfoil, place it on top of the bowl, and make sure you have a drum-like surface. Take the toothpick you used to rearrange the tobacco and poke an adequate amount of holes to allow airflow.

Light up the recommended amount of charcoal, add it to your bowl and you’re ready to go. We recommend using natural charcoal for the best possible flavor. 

We hope this article helped you get acquainted with the basics of hookah smoking. Make sure to share your experience with us in the comments below and tell us your favorite hookah shop Fort Lauderdale.