Whether you’re just getting into the water pipe life or wanting to impress your mates with how much you know about a smoke water pipe, listen up because we’re about to blow your mind with some bangin’ water pipe info.  

Water pipes are one of the most common devices used to smoke a variety of substances. They’re an industry favorite because they’re social,  they’re beautiful,  easy enough to use, fun to own and take just enough skill to maintain to keep our possession of them interesting and purposeful. Most importantly, water pipes enhance the smoking experience with their ability to cool and filter smoke through water, making every inhale mega smooth and ultra relaxing.  

First, should we talk about the history of the pipe?  Probably.

The original word for water pipe stems from the word baung, a Thai word that refers to a bamboo tube. As far as we know, the water pipe was used as early as the Ming Dynasty; then in early African history, where users dug it into the ground; and lastly, nomadic warriors used water pipes made of pure gold in the area that’s now Russia. All of these past accounts have led the design of the water pipe to where it is today, and keep its essence historically rich!  

Next, you need to know how to smoke a water pipe. For the socially inclined, it’s pretty monkey see, monkey do; but let’s imagine you need to teach your date- get the deets on how it all goes down.  What you really need to understand is how the parts work.

The parts, you might ask? There are five basic components to any water pipe: bowl, carb, downstem, base, and tube.  

  • The bowl.  They bowl is a spherical accessory where the cannabis flower goes to get heated.  It’s almost always removable, which allows you to customize your inhalation amount and density. 
  • The carb, aka the carburetor. This is the small hole that allows you to clear the smoke from the body of the pipe.  
  • The downstem.  The downstem connect the bowl to the base of the pipe, allowing the smoke to filter thru water.  
  • The base.  Pretty simple, the base is the bottom of the water pipe where water sits to cool the smoke before inhalation.  
  • The tube. The tube varies in length and leads up to the mouthpiece. In the tube, the smoke fills out the chamber. It’s already been filtered in the water, so now the user gets to determine how much they want to consume.  They can measure the volume by watching the smoke fill the tube.  

Now, let’s talk about nicknames:

  • Billy
  • Bing
  • Binger
  • Plus anything you personally name your water pipe

Yep, you can use any of these because now you’re in the know!

That’s a wrap on today’s water pipe lesson. For all things smoking related check out Smokey News and hit us up with any questions you stumble upon- product-related or otherwise!