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A cigar savant may be familiar with a majority of the available tobacco blends, what they prefer, and so on. However, if you are not as knowledgeable and possibly a beginning smoker, Smokey News is here to help you streamline your cigar expertise and discover your preference.

Smokey News carries fine tobacco products in Broward. Our significant supply of Tobacco is sure to suit anyone’s needs. However, not all smokers know precisely what their smoking preference is. You may feel the same way.

Educating yourself on cigars can ultimately lead you to the most enjoyable smoking experience. Our blog and our team of expert professionals are both great tools our customers can use as a resource for finding the best tobacco products in Broward that suit your personalized desires.

A Top Tobacco Blend

A tobacco blend is what you would assume the name may signify. A Tobacco blend is simply a mixture of different tobaccos that, in combination, create a bright or robust flavor. The different tobaccos will most likely be derived from various cuts and have differing tastes. 

Having multiple different types of Tobacco is what gives a blend’s smoke a robust flavor. There can be no right or wrong answer as to what the best Tobacco may be. Since tobacco preference can vary from smoker to smoker, it is all about you!

However, there are a few key factors that do go into creating the best tobacco. Smokey News wants to help you find a reputable top tobacco blend that suits your preferences. Keep reading and we will teach you all about how to blend tobacco. 

What Goes Into a Top Tobacco Blend

Dry Cut Tobacco Leaf on a Wooden Table

Three overall types of Tobacco are available commercially. The basic types are Virginia, Burley, and Oriental. The main difference in the main types of Tobacco is the type of curation process they undergo.

Then, additional types are derived from these three varieties. They depend upon quality, origin, and the part of the plant used.

Virginia Tobacco

Virginia tobacco originates in the U.S. state of Virginia. This type of Tobacco also flourishes in subtropical climates as long as there is light rainfall. An example of this climate can be found in Brazil or Zimbabwe where Virginia tobacco is also grown.

It is sometimes referred to as “bright tobacco” due to its yellow-orange color. The heat-driven curing process turns this Tobacco bright. 

The flue-cure makes this type of Tobacco suitable for long-term shortage because the product is mold resistant and dry. 

A Virginia blend would typically only contain other dry tobaccos. The combination does not have any additives or flavors since sugar levels are not affected by the curing process. 

Virginia tobacco will have a naturally sweet taste and a pleasing aroma, like caramelized sugar. The nicotine levels span between 1 to 3.5%. Virginia tobacco is the favored type for cigarettes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Burley Tobacco

Compared to Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco has a greener and leafier final product. The crop is popular in the U.S states, Maryland and Kentucky. The harvest is also grown internationally in South America and Uganda, Malawi, and Indonesia. 

Burley tobacco type requires heavier soil to thrive and grow properly. Different than the curing process for Virginia tobacco, a Burley batch undergoes air-curing. Air-curing uses no additional heat. However, the end product is still dry and mold-resistant. What makes this blend different is the cigar-like result.

None of the Tobacco’s natural sugar survives air-curing. Without the natural sugars, tobacco can be irritating. Molasses and licorice are commonly used as additives to make Burley Tobacco more enjoyable. An American blended cigarette consists of Burley Tobacco blended with either Virginia or Oriental Tobacco. 

Oriental Tobacco 

Oriental Tobacco is the most robust out of the three tobacco varieties. The product is sun-cured, which results in its hardy flavor. This type of Tobacco is grown in arid regions, including Turkey and the Middle East. 

Sun-curing promotes chemical changes in the Tobacco resulting in a distinctive flavor, unlike any other tobacco.

How to Blend Tobacco

The best way to discover what kind of tobacco blend you like best is by trying out all the different available flavors. By knowing and understanding the qualities and tastes of the different types of Tobacco, a smoker can develop their mixture and find their favorite in a shop.

  • Once you know what kind of tobacco flavors you like, you can now develop what kind of base is best for you. Your base could consist of many different types of flavors. 
    • However, you will want to make sure those flavors complement one another. It is best to start simple.
    • Pairing complementary light and dark tobaccos will create balance. The base will make up about half of your final product, so you will want to make sure your mixture has an even tone. 
  • The next step is to determine your spice tobacco. 
    • Spice tobacco will give your mixture the enhanced and unique flavor you may be looking to enjoy. The spice works over the blend. The spice tobacco is one-fourth of your mix. 
    • Now it is time to determine the final ingredients. This step calls for patience and attention. Your Tobacco continues to age after you purchase it. 
    • When deciding the final ingredient, you should note that a more delicate cut may pair well, but it could cause the Tobacco to burn faster. A wide leaf may burn at a more mannered pace, but the flavoring can be more intense. 

Blend Tobacco Right

The final ingredient you should add will depend on what tobaccos you have already used. A tobacco specialist can help determine your final element. Come on into Smokey News. Our trained team of specialists understands what tobacco products in Broward complement each other best. 

If you are unsure what to add, a pro tip is to create a few blends with just one different ingredient. You are better off making a few smaller mixtures of the same blend, but each with a different final ingredient. 

By creating samples, you will find out which flavor suits you the best. Maybe you will even discover a flavor combination you would not have even considered. 

Try something you typically wouldn’t. After all, the sample will be small. It won’t hurt if there is a possibility the blend could become a favorite. 

A Macro Shot of Cigars on Tobacco.

Top Tobacco Blends

A great way to find inspiration for your tobacco blends is by taking a look at some of the best tobacco blends that are already revered. It can be helpful to sample a few for yourself to understand the variances in the different types of Tobacco. 

At Smokey News, we deliver our customers with the best tobaccos available from Shisa to a variety of pipe and rolling tobaccos. Stop by for a customer-oriented experience. After all, Tobacco is our passion. We can help you find the best Tobacco that works for you!

Do you think you will try a new tobacco blend or maybe create your own? Let us know in the comment section below.