Whether you choose to carry a lighter or not is a choice you’ll have to make. However, if your friend does and you like the idea of buying one as a gift, then the next big question is what smoking accessories are best to get? You’ll be surprised how many types are currently on the market. 

You can narrow down your search of finding the best lighters in the world when looking to give one as the perfect gift. There are many different types for different purposes. To find out the types of lighters for cigarettes that will make you a hit with your friends, keep reading. 

Questions to Consider

When will it be used? Lighters can differ in price dramatically depending on their intended use. For example, if the gift is for an individual who uses smoking accessories occasionally, then it’s a good idea to buy a high-quality lighter. But if they need one for regular use, then there’s always the chance it may be lost. Therefore, spending less but buying a few different ones could be an alternative answer. 

What is the person receiving the gift like? Personality can help indicate what types of lighters for cigarettes are best to purchase. If they’re traditional in nature, then a new fancy lighter may not be the best choice. There’s nothing worse than buying a gift that won’t be used!

What previous lighters have they used? There are so many different variations of smoking accessories available. A good starting point when buying one as a present would be looking at older ones they’ve had and follow down the same path. Look closely for the type of liquid used. For instance, if previous ones contain butane, consider buying this type. 

Do they like innovative products? As we will soon discuss, the best lighters for cigarettes can vary significantly as to what’s being smoked, with new ideas added to a classic product. Determining the ultimate lighter that always protects the individual using it is not a clear-cut answer, more of a preference. 

Lighter and Jeans

Types of Lighters for Cigars

The best lighter gift to get when cigars are concerned would be a torch, turbo, or jet type. This style helps light the entire end, so you get consistent results every time.

Types of Cigarette Lighters

There are many types of lighters for cigarettes. For finding the best lighters for cigarettes, what is known as ‘soft flame’ lighters will provide the best results. Most of them aren’t adjustable, and the flame length can vary depending on how much liquid is left. Therefore, they’re suitable for cigarettes which are smaller than cigars. 

Classic Lighters

Let’s start seeing if a timeless lighter is what you need when finding the best lighters in the world. The classic Zippo style lighter has elegantly passed through time. This is still a go-to option for many in need of a good-quality classic. It’s even possible to engrave a special message to make the gift more personalized. It makes a fine choice when looking for the best lighters for cigarettes.

Butane Free Lighters

Not all lighters require butane. There are many other options if you’re looking to buy something different for the person you’re gifting. Although, typically, butane-free lights are usually more expensive, especially if you want a long-lasting one. 

Electric Lighters

A relatively new addition to the lighter market is electric ones. Commonly referred to as plasma lighters, these are a great option for tech lovers. They’re simple to use, look like a device used within a sci-fi movie, and can even be re-charged with a USB. 

Due to the innovative design, they are entirely windproof. Most options are relatively cheap, so if the person you’re buying the gift for has a habit of losing them, buying a few different ones is a perfect choice. It’s worth mentioning these electric ones are types of cigarette lighters rather than those to be used for cigars.

Getting the Price Right

Before we begin to help point you in the right direction of finding the best lighter, it’s worth mentioning that there is no single answer. The price can change a lot depending on the different requirements. So when you’re in pursuit of the best lighters in the world, be sure to focus on what will be perfect for the person you’re gifting it to. 

Whether that consists of multiple different options to choose from or one luxury lighter for special occasions, however, keep in mind that the ones that come engraved will tend to be on the more expensive side, whether you’re going for types of cigarette lighters or cigar ones.

Which Style Is Best for a Gift?

Although the regular BIC lighters are extremely practical and cheap, nothing quite screams quality like a fancy lighter. Your friends and family will be much happier receiving a high-quality lighter than one which doesn’t quite look as good. There is a significant difference between the make of lighter you go for. Whether you are looking for high quality or a simple one, you’ll find all the best lighter brands below. 


Since 1932, Zippo has provided some of the highest quality lighters on the market today. If you are looking for a shiny light that just oozes style, this is the one to go for. However, style isn’t the only thing these lighters have going for them. As they are all made of metal, they are extremely strong and very resistant to any damage. This heavy-duty lighter is perfect for those that want a lighter they can trust.

Zippo Harley Davidson


Colibri is well known for its fancy lighter styles. If you want to give someone a lighter that will immediately stand out, you should consider Colibri. Once again, these lighters are known for having a solid feel and being extremely durable against all the knocks that they may experience. 


Vector also provides some excellent lighters, perfect for gifts. No matter whether it’s needed for cigarettes or cigars, these lighters can do it all.


From first laying eyes upon them, you know that these lighters aren’t for messing around. The extremely durable casing ensures that it is unlikely to break and cause the lighter fluid to leak out, which may be the case for weaker ones. 


With BIC lighters, you can’t go wrong. They are some of the cheapest yet longest-lasting lighters on the market. If you want to gift someone a reliable lighter at a good price, a BIC lighter will be the perfect solution.

Pulling the Trigger

Hopefully, you better understand the type of lighter that will be best to get when trying to give that perfect gift to someone special. However, if you’re still unsure what direction to go in, we’ve got you covered.

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